Five Half Truths About Catholics… and Their Better Halves

The ironic thing about half-truths is that, most of the time, they aren’t really true at all. They represent something that, if left alone, might appear to be true. Usually though, if you dig in a bit, you find that there’s a lot more assuming happening than truth telling.

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But Why Are You “Really” Going to Life Teen?

If we really love the youth minister and then they leave, do we just find something else to do? If the youth group person we were dating breaks it off, do we avoid church to avoid seeing them?

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7 Reasons to Use Your Phone More This Lent

However, I worry that if we don’t learn to use things for the good of the Kingdom of God, we might be missing the boat. It’s the same with using your humor to glorify God, or using your body to glorify God, or using your music to glorify God – we can use our phones the same way.

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The Most Important Lesson I Ever Learned About Dating

Guys and girls are some of the worlds biggest mysteries… well, to each other anyway. This can make dating pretty complicated. As a guy, I rarely know what the girls in my life are thinking. Classmate, co-worker, sister, friend, girlfriend, mom… it doesn’t matter.

Sometimes I think I understand Calculus better than I understand girls. And umm… I got a D in Calculus.

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Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters to Happen?

I continued to look back and forth between the TV, which was showing all of this destruction, and the window, through which I could see nothing but blue skies. It was an unsettling feeling and left me with a question you’ve probably asked a time or two: Why does God allow this to happen?

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Here’s What You Can Do When Someone Asks You for Money: 8 Practical Tips

I knew he was asking for money, but I said “No, I’m sorry” and kept walking.

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Don’t Judge Me!

As I type this blog, I’m already upset by how you’re judging everything I’m saying. I can feel it. My every word is being criticized. I’m tempted to say things like, “Only God can judge me.” It doesn’t feel good. How’d I know you were judging me, you ask? Well, […]

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Calling the Chosen: A Q&A with a Vocations Director

They are not signing their life away, and ultimately, my interest is their eternal joy and salvation, and if it is not as a priest, or a priest for my diocese, I want them to figure that out.

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Porn: The Worst Way to Learn About Sex

We only see the “sexy parts” in porn; the rest is hidden. No sacrifice. No relationship. No gift of self.

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The Call to Greatness: Building Men of God

Greatness; that’s our goal as men, right?

Whether we want to be a scientist or a lawyer or a football player, we want to be great. That’s a good thing because we are called to greatness by God. However, every great doctor or athlete or plumber or teacher had someone coach them. If we’re going to be able to face the challenges and do what seems impossible in manhood today, we need a coach.

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