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What is Privilege and What do we do About it?

Privilege does not mean that you didn’t work hard in your life to achieve your goals; privilege just means that your demographic factors did not make those goals harder to achieve.

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Praise and Worship

What Taking God’s Name in Vain Really Means

Jesus might be the answer to our problems and worries, but invoking the name of our Lord as a way to defend sinful actions, or even avoid responsibility for them all together, is never the right response.

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#Hashtags for Change

Not every hashtag is one of cultural importance or one of moral quality for that matter, but this blog is meant to highlight a few that are bringing change to a world that desperately needs it. While we cannot go on a mission trip every day, our access to information, and the ability to spread that information, can be incredibly useful in living our faith in this day and age.

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Justice Here as it is in Heaven

Inequality or injustice, in any sense, cannot be ignored by Christians if we are aiming to achieve heaven on Earth. Ultimately, we are chasing justice on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

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5 Thoughts on Kanye’s New Album

Kanye West has been, to word it delicately, a polarizing figure in our culture for the better part of this decade. There is a lot to talk about Kanye with this release, but here are the five things that I think Christians should know about Jesus is King by Kanye West.

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The Possible Danger of Relationship Goals

For how often and how much we fawn over famous relationships and their respective dynamics, we can’t let this obsession become an imaginary standard, or twist our own #relationshipgoals into a direct reflection of what we see in popular culture.

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It’s OK to be Wrong.

Since it is impossible for any one individual to know everything about the faith, this can lead to us forming beliefs or attitudes about Catholicism that aren’t entirely true.

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When to Block Them

The moment you decide to block an account, a full shutdown of interaction between that profile and your own occurs. If someone is struggling to get the message you’ve tried to communicate to them, the block button might be the way to go. It is a power move for sure, but one that might be necessary for some situations.

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Virality and Virtue: the Rise of “Internet Fame”

If you’re chasing your dream by creating content that people tend to enjoy and it just so happens that you become famous, then fantastic! Seeking fame as a first priority when it comes to your dream, however, is to misuse the gifts that God has given you.

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A Year Of…

So what if instead of setting of goals and resolutions with numerical measures or trying something that we’ve failed at before, we instead focus on one word that we chose to be the “theme” for your year?

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