You Are Not Helpless and Here’s Why

What I do have in my power is to live my life fighting back against the storms that want to knock me down and make me into a victim and God’s grace enables me to do that.

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10 Ways That Doubting Thomas is All of Us

Let’s recap the story and I’ll prove to you that even though you live in 2016 and not back in the day of no transportation or showers, you know you’ve done all these things too.

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Dust We Are: A Playlist for Lent

A new playlist for Catholics during Lent! Press play and enter into this beautifully rich liturgical season.

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Things to Remember When Everything is Falling Apart

This is for the days when no one understands and the pain feels too heavy. When my thoughts won’t stop spinning, creating a tornado of emotions I’m not quite sure how to handle.

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What 9 Catholic Men Have to Say About Abortion

“11 years ago my girlfriend at the time told me she was pregnant, but because she already had one fatherless child and I was a drunk and an addict she told me she was going to abort the baby. I was not practicing my faith back then but I knew it was wrong. I fought for her to keep the baby but in the end I gave up . . . “

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5 Things That Aren’t Helping Your Body Image

There are two kinds of people in this world, the people who struggle with body image and the people who lie about it.

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The Day I Cried at the Farmer’s Market

At the end of the day, it’s not up to me to make the right “political” choice in that moment when I’m faced with a brother or sister who is hurting… it’s up to me to help protect life… and to love.

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The Ultimate Catholic Christmas Playlist

Merry Christmas friends! I’m so excited for this beautiful season because 1) Jesus. Of course. 2) Christmas decorations. 3) Christmas cookies. 4) Christmas music all day every day!

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Waiting on a King: An Advent Playlist

But while we wait, we don’t want to be left out of all the Christmas-Music-Excitement! So we put together a perfect playlist for Advent.

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I Joined His Mission Because…

This year the theme of our Annual Appeal is “His Mission, Our Move” and it got me wondering… why are my fellow co-workers and Life Teen missionaries part of this mission?

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