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Service During COVID-19

Not just the elderly, but those who have cancer, auto-immune disorders, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, asthma, are pregnant, etc. We have a civic duty, and more importantly, a Christian duty, to protect them. In the coming weeks, when we grow tired and despondent from self quarantining, we must remember that human life is at the center of this, even if it is not our own life that is in imminent danger.

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5 Underrated Women in the Bible

While Mary is certainly the pinnacle of women who have helped to achieve God’s plan (I mean, Mother of God, you can’t get a better title than that), there are many other biblical women who were strong, brave, and courageous in giving their own “yes” to God.

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Saying Sorry 101

More than once I’ve been known to get in the pitfalls of a “bad” apology — apologies I might quickly challenge someone else on as inauthentic were roles reverse.

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What’s Wrong With Saying “Too Blessed to be Stressed” & Other Thoughts on Anxiety

Anxiety can be a heavy subject. But somehow, GIFs make everything feel a little more light. So here’s a serious article about anxiety and some tips on how to manage it, with a lot of GIFs to make it a little happier.

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5 New Saints for Our Church

On October 13, 2019, in St. Peter’s Square, at a Mass with over 50,000 attendees, Pope Francis declared Sister Dulce Lopes Pontes, Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan, Cardinal John Henry Newman, Margurite Bays, and Giuseppina Vannini saints.

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Who’s the Gospel Really For?

The reality is, the Gospel is, perhaps first and foremost, for ME. If I want to share the Gospel with people, I must recognize how desperately I need to encounter and be rooted in, the Good News – not just once – but Every. Single. Day.

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Privilege in the Body of Christ

It can be uncomfortable to talk about the inequality of privilege, but discomfort is not always bad, in fact, it can be the catalyst to change.

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Overcoming the Hookup Culture

So many of us have grown up in the hookup culture that we’ve become desensitized, or perhaps completely unaware, of the waters in which we are swimming. As such, we’ve lost sight of the purpose for which we were created, the purpose and intent of sex, and we’ve settled for something less, something counterfeit.

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