Finding the Heart of God in Advent

Because we wait so much, we can be tempted to think of Advent as just another time spent waiting for something to happen.

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Muslims Drink Coffee Too

I think if Muslims and Christians learn more about the common threads in their faith traditions – in particular by getting to know each other in person, with open minds and without judgement, they can improve their relationships.

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Advice for Casting your First Votes

Voting is described as “morally obligatory” – that’s pretty serious.

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That Post-Retreat Parent Conversation: Here’s How to Handle It

They know you well, and they want to know what’s new in your life, whether it’s orthodontics, a crush or the Holy Spirit.

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Blessed Be God’s Holy Name

God reveals himself to us because He is our Father and we are his beloved children. Knowing His name means we can know Him. Blessed be God’s holy name, indeed.

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More Than a Rule-Book: Why the Catechism Matters

What we believe — who we believe — is Christ. Guard what has been entrusted to you and, with the help of The Catechsim, know what has been entrusted to you.

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Reading the Catechism 101

Hundreds of pages. Numbers everywhere. And very few pictures. How does this book work, exactly?

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Yes to Real Sex

Lest you be mistaken, God, the Catholic Church, myself, and everyone at LifeTeen.com isn’t trying to say ‘NO, NO, NO!’ to sex. We’re just all about saying ‘yes’ to real sex . . . sex as God intends it to be — within the Sacrament of Marriage.

A world where people sing songs about how they're perfectly good at being 'bad' and radio edits of songs switch 'love' in for the 'f' word like there's no difference. Society has taken something sacred, designed by God to unite couples in the Sacrament of Marriage and cooperate in bringing new life into the world ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâ‰Ûù and categorized it as just another extracurricular activity.

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More Than a Trip: The Do’s and Don’ts of Camps and Conferences

The do’s and don’ts of camps and conferences. How to get the most out of your youth group trip.

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“Are You Saved?”: A Catholic’s Response

When I was a teenager, sleepovers almost always included the following things: M&M’s and pretzels, movies, styling each other’s hair and animated discussions about school, boys and church. I lived in South Carolina — a state whose population was only 3% Catholic — so while almost everyone went to church, […]

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