The Lent That Changed My Life

As a result I have so many fun memories of great adventures, a true understanding of the importance of prayer time, and a list of numerous hobbies I love.

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This may lead to what I would like to call Insta-jealousy. This diagnosis includes (but is not limited to) jealousy of possessions, jealousy of relationships, poor self-image, self-doubt, loneliness, discontent, sadness, extreme longing, self-pity, and the occasional runny nose.

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You Are Wanted

As I listened to this song I often picture myself dramatically belting the chorus into a microphone as a country singer star. While, in all actuality, I am just sitting at my desk bobbing my head and swaying to the music (desks are rather inhibiting to any other type of dancing). But as I sat and desk danced I started to think about how much this song cuts to the heart of most girls.

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