When I really got into my faith and my Christian walk during high school, a few things really annoyed me . . . (in no particular order)

  1. People who left right after Communion at Mass.
  2. Some “Christians” who persecuted me for being Catholic, or told me I’m was going to hell.
  3. Watching friends from school act one way at Church and another way on Friday nights.
  4. Guys who were “too cool” to sing or worship their Creator.
  5. Some teens who used their faith walk as a way to “pick up” the opposite sex.

But over time, those things didn’t annoy me as much. I realized that prayer for those people (and myself) got me a lot further than annoyance or bitterness. One thing that still really irks me, though, is when I hear someone say that Christians can’t have any fun. That’s just idiotic. It makes about as much sense as an inflatable dartboard . . . just stupid.

Christians can absolutely have fun. If Christians don’t have fun that’s nobody’s fault but their own . . . it has nothing to do with living out their faith. The people who claim that without alcohol, drugs, or premarital sex that there can be no fun, have NO conception of or true relationship with Jesus Christ.

There’s nothing more fun than laughing so hard your abs hurt and having your head hit the pillow at the end of the day knowing that your words and deeds did not offend your Creator and Father. Christian fun can be found almost anywhere, it just takes humility and creativity – it takes remembering that God is God and you’re not, and that He created us with a creative spirit, we just need to tap into it.

True “Christian fun” necessitates a few things and has a few criteria:

  • Constructive not Destructive – It doesn’t damage anyone or anything else. It builds up and doesn’t tear down. There is no victim.
  • Inclusive – It doesn’t shut people out. It’s not cliquish, the more the merrier.
  • No Regrets – You shouldn’t feel ashamed afterwards. You could share it with anyone and not feel the need to hide it or to go to Confession afterwards.
  • Creative – Open your minds and eyes to the fun around you. Think outside the box.
  • Christ-Centered and Life-Giving – It flows from Christ. It forms us into the image of Christ through innocence and deepens our overall holiness.
  • Prayer – Prayer should be able to be incorporated very easily, at the beginning, middle or end.

This could be the greatest, funnest (how’s that for terrible English) summer of your life, one in which you explore and discover dozens of new ways to celebrate life and laugh yourselves sick – all for the glory of the Kingdom of God.

Or don’t, the choice is yours . . .

About the Author

Mark Hart

My childhood plan was to be a jedi. My teenage plan was to be on Saturday Night Live. God's plan was to have me in ministry. God won - and I'm glad He did.

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