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50 Shades of Marian Blue

(Please read in movie trailer voice…)

In a world, where fictional characters and fictional relationships show how superficial “love” can be…

Where being abused and degraded is something people like to read about in poorly written “novels”…

From the Producer of Creation and Director of Salvation History, In Association with On Fire Films…

Comes a real relationship that is a beacon of hope for all who are in love and wanting to be holy.

You don’t need to grow deeper in sin, YOU NEED TO GROW IN DEEP BLUE!

Trying to get to heaven?


Grey is ugly. Blue is beautiful.

So now we present to you….

50 Shades of Marian Blue!

  1. Her yes. (Her trust in God was graceful.)
  2. She prays for us. (Who better to pray for us than JESUS’ MOTHER!)
  3. When we pray, she is right there along with us. (I mean, she has a pretty cool network.)
  4. The Devil HATES Mary. (He couldn’t tempt her to sin. Mary is a Boss!)
  5. She’s the Queen of Heaven. (We are the champions!)
  6. She is the Ultimate Saint. (She said yes to God. Let’s model ourselves after her!)
  7. She’s the Arch of the New Covenant. (New Covenant = Jesus)
  8. She is a perpetual virgin. (Talk about self mastery!)
  9. She was fully consumed, body and soul, into heaven. (Lucky!)
  10. She’s known as the “Reed of God.” (God plays beautiful music through her!)
  11. Theotokos (That means God bearer. Guys, SHE HAD GOD IN HER WOMB!)
  12. She is known as “The Mediatrix of All Graces.” (Thanks to her, “yes” mankind was redeemed by Christ. Game. Over.)
  13. Not only is she Christ’s mother she is our mother, too! (Word to yo’ motha’…Mary!)
  14. She knows the Trinity better than anyone I know! (We are family!)
  15. She is the Mother of Christ. (BOOM!)
  16. She is the Daughter of God. (BAM!)
  17. She is the spouse of the Holy Spirit. (BINGO!)
  18. Her faith in her son, Christ. (Do whatever he tells you…okay, I will.)
  19. Just like our earthly mother, she, as our heavenly mother, wants what’s best for us. (Mothers really do know best!)
  20. Just as she loves Christ, she loves us unconditionally. (She’s bursting with grace.)
  21. She loves us so much, she delivered Christ for us. (Both in the manger and to the Cross.)
  22. She’s also photogenic. (The proof is in the pudding.)
  23. a41531e86f98d9b5c2bc96dc29dc2daa(Because of this.)
  24. maryandelizabeth2(And this.)
  25. hc-stmary-queenofheaven3(And this.)
  26. 936full-virgen-de-guadalupe(And this.)
  27. Art-waterhouse_the_annunciation(And this.)
  28. mary-knots1(And this.)
  29. IMG_6672(And this.)
  30. mary1(And this.)
  31. IMG_6673(And this.)
  32. apindex244-oraziogentileschi_1565-1647_madonnaandchild_je-jpg(And this.)
  33. IMG_6674(And this.)
  34. IMG_6675(And this.)
  35. If you look to Mary, not only will you find Christ, but you find St. Joseph. (St. Joseph: Teaching men how to be men without saying a word.)
  36. St. Joseph was her chaste spouse. (Whatta man. Whatta man. Whatta man. Whatta mighty good man.)
  37. She trusted St. Joseph with her life. (She basically got the best two men who ever lived.)
  38. She trusted St. Joseph with Christ. (He is a Guardian of the Galaxy…I mean, Guardian of the Word Incarnate.)
  39. Mary’s relationship with St. Joseph models how all relationships should strive to have Christ as the center of love. (In their case, he literally was.)
  40. Mary needed to marry St. Joseph to ensure Christ was born of the house of David. (St. Joseph is the full package!)
  41. It was only through Mary that we as humanity could have received Christ. (So, the then the best option would be to go through her to get to her son!)
  42. We have many many ways to ask for her intercession in bringing us to the heart of her son. (read the next shades for some top notch options!)
  43. The Hail Mary. (It’s a classic!)
  44. The Rosary. (THE most powerful weapon)
  45. The Consecration to Mary. (Being chained to Mary has never been so fun!)
  46. The Litany of Mary. (She goes by many names.)
  47. The Hail, Holy Queen. (So powerful, they sing it in Sister Act.)
  48. The Prayer to Our Lady Of Guadalupe. (Flowers are an extra bonus.)
  49. The Magnificat. (Someone should make a song about it…)
  50. The Memorare. (It’s like AAA for your soul.)

What other shades of Marian Blue can you think of?

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