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25 Ways to Keep Dating Simple

Here are just a few tips that might help you keep dating a little less complex and a little more simple…

1. Do Not Go Out Looking for a Relationship
Your social interactions should not be centered around finding a boyfriend or girlfriend. It takes away from your enjoyment of the memories you’re making as well as putting a lot of pressure on yourself to find your significant other.

2. Don’t Fall For the Hype of Relationships
Don’t treat relationships like trends. Just because other people around you are starting relationships does not mean that you have to join just for the hype of it.

3. Leave Gender Norms at Home
You shouldn’t feel as though there is a role you have to play in a relationship due to your gender. If you like someone and want to pursue a relationship with them, take the leap. Boys don’t feel like you have to make the first move and girls don’t feel like you can’t make the first move.

4. Share Your Day
Let your significant other in on the quality of your day. Whether it be good or bad, invite them to share in that weight. If they can’t handle the bad with the good they have no business being in a relationship.

5. Start Off as Friends
The best relationships stem from friendships. By starting off as friends, you can build comfort with one another. By building the relationship off of the trust developed from the friendship, it will lead to a healthier longer lasting relationship.

6. Remember That There is Still a “You” Away From “Us”
Know who you are and stay independent of each other. You have your own likes, interests, thoughts, and feelings and they don’t necessarily have to align with your significant other.

7. Know Your Worth
You are fearfully and wonderfully made, God made you exactly as you are for a reason. Do not lose sight of that or settle for anything less than you deserve!

8. Keep God at the Center
By keeping God at the center of your relationship you will be able to better recognize and respect each other as children of God.

9. Keep Reasonable Expectations
You are looking for companionship not shopping for the perfect partner. We are all human, the perfect partner does not exist. By setting unreasonable expectations you are putting pressure on your significant other to meet these expectations as well as limiting the possibilities.

10. Be Present
Do not waste time obsessing over your partner’s past nor planning your future together. You do not know the plans the Lord has for you. Therefore, you should enjoy the time you have together in the present.

11. Have Fun
This is an exciting time for the both of you. Just as it is with getting to know anyone knew, it should be fun.

12. “Yes” Means “Yes”
The “No means No” consent initiative has officially been replaced with “Yes means Yes”. Consent is important in all relationships, so always be respectful of your partner’s boundaries, even if they do not match your own. It shows maturity!

13. Set Boundaries
Come up with boundaries that you have that are based on your own morals and beliefs. Communicate these with your significant other and make sure they respect and never cross them.

14. Have a Judgement Free Zone
Just as you make mistakes, your partner will make mistakes too. That is why judgment is not up to you but on God. Only he knows enough to make a proper judgment.

15. Keep Away From Over-Analyzing
Communication is key in every good relationship. Assumptions rooted in over-analyzation can be very detrimental to a healthy relationship.

16. Know When to Leave a Relationship
One of the hardest things about relationships is ending them. No one wants to be the cause of hurting someone else. To do this as nicely and effectively as possible, think about how you would want someone to break the news to you, and enact it.
Embrace Change.

17. Know Who is Control
In all of his omniscience and sovereign power, God ultimately knows what is best for you and your partner. Trust that he has your best interests at heart, and let him lead you through your relationship.

18. Date With a Purpose
While dating should be fun and simple, you should always date with a purpose. Be able to at least consider your relationship blossoming into a marriage one day.

19. Spiritual Confidante
Everyone needs a friend to talk to, it is ingrained within human nature. When you have a friend who shares in the faith the relationship is even more gratifying. Having a friend who can help you stay rooted in your faith, and help keep you and your relationship accountable is immensely important.

20. Make Each Other Happy
Be a source of happiness for your significant other. Although you cannot make someone be happy, you can share and contribute to their happiness.

21. Honesty is Key
When you are getting to know each other, you cannot expect them to just know what you’re thinking and what you’re feeling. Instead, you should be honest and tell them how you feel. It builds the relationship with co

23. Grow in Christ Together
The worst relationship is a stagnant relationship. As stated before, God should be at the center of your relationship. Your main goal should be to grow closer to God so that you can fulfill the plans he has for you both.

24. Challenge Each Other
Be in each other’s corners and cheer each other on. It is important to be a source of encouragement for each other. Hold each other accountable in chasing your dreams.

25. Have Some Alone Time
Relationships are a lot of work; you are not only thinking about yourself but another person as well. Such a commitment can easily consume you, so make sure to set some time apart for yourself. It will make your time with your partner even more!

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