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21 Questions to Ask a Mentor

Do you have someone in your life that you admire? Someone who embodies everything you hope to be as a woman or man of God? You should ask them to be your mentor.

Having a mentor is essential for anyone who wants to grow outside of their current abilities and mindsets, to be challenged towards greatness. This mentor should not be at the same point in life as you but should have more life experience than you. A mentor could be a teacher, core member, youth minister, priest, co-worker, anyone who has more life experience and insight than you.

One person that became a mentor to me when I was a teen, and still is today, is my friend David. David was my core member in middle school and high school. He invested in my life, my talents, and my spirituality, and is still there for me today. Having David in my life has given me someone to look up to and learn from that isn’t a family member and isn’t just a person that I admire on the internet. He is a friend in real life and a mentor that gives and receives. I could go into a lot more specifics on my mentor on this blog, but I’ve talked all about David in another blog.

One of the best types of mentors to have is a spiritual mentor. It is important for all of us to have someone to walk with us on our faith journey, to help us on our paths to heaven, and to inspire us to become disciples of Christ.

So, go get you a great spiritual mentor that you know will be there for you and will invest time and energy into you. If you can’t think of anyone right now, that’s okay, you have time. If you have someone in mind, send them a text, give them a call, ask them about mentoring next time you see them. They may already be invested in you, but having you verbalize to them that you would like them to be your mentor will give that relationship a solidified base, and direction of where to go and grow. Ask them how often they’d be willing to meet. Monthly? Bi-weekly? In-person? FaceTime?

Be intentional with how you both think the mentorship would work best. Also, be intentional with the time spent together, and what conversations you have, and questions you ask. If you are having trouble coming up with meaningful things to talk about, here some questions to get you started:

  1. When did you meet Jesus?
  2. How do you show Jesus to others?
  3. How did you learn to pray?
  4. How do I start a prayer life?
  5. How do I maintain a prayer life?
  6. Why are retreats important? What types of retreats have been beneficial for you?
  7. What was your youth group experience like?
  8. What have been some keys to your spirituality?
  9. What do you do to keep your mental and spiritual health in a good position?
  10. How do you deal with stress?
  11. What are some things God has told you in prayer that stuck with you?
  12. How do I know if what I want in life is what God wants of me in life?
  13. When was a time that you trusted God completely with your life?
  14. What is the biggest surprise God has put in your life?
  15. Who was your mentor and how did they help you grow?
  16. How did your mentor challenge you in your faith?
  17. What are some good aspects of a leader?
  18. Do you volunteer? Why and where?
  19. What are some ways that I can volunteer?
  20. How can I practice leadership skills?
  21. How can I use my gifts to glorify God?

If you already have a spiritual mentor, great! Hopefully, these questions will expand y’alls conversations and lead to new areas of growth, understanding, and wisdom in our faith. Never stop growing, never stop asking questions, and always strive to fall more and more in love with God. Peace and blessings!

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