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13 Thoughts of Every Person at the March for Life

It’s that time of year, where thousands march everywhere in union with all lives lost due to abortion and stand for the protection of all life. While the March for Life is a solemn event it can be fun and exciting. United in the spirit of saving lives I know God gives every marcher the grace to embrace and celebrate life at the March. So whether this is your first march or 10th here are some funny moments I feel everyone can testify to be true.

Worrying you are wearing too many layers or too few.

wondering why you have no cell phone reception. Then remembering there are 500,00 people with you on the national mall.

Hearing your favorite speaker at the pep rally and you get super pumped and motivated to SAVE ALL LIFE.

After the pep rally you get so pumped up that you just want the march to start NOW. But you have to contain yourself.

Wait, where’s my group? I just took one picture how did I lose my group?”

Seeing a cute individual and you decide it’s fate because you both are pro-life and together on the national mall with 500,00 other people.

Not being able to contain yourself because there are ADORABLE BABIES EVERYWHERE. *BREATH IN BREATH OUT*

Seeing a group with cooler t-shirts or beanies then your group.

Seeing your State senator or favorite right to life activist and wanting to get a picture… but you also don’t want to bother them at the same time. #thestruggleisreal

Wanting to take pictures on your phone but your fingers are too numb to take them.

Seeing an old friend at the March and the reunion is nothing but pure awesomeness.

When you get stuck carrying your group’s giant banner and suddenly your group has forgotten that you are supposed to take turns carrying it.

Your Mother texting you every 5 minutes making sure you are warm plus safe and to make sure you wave if you get on t.v.

“Never tire of firmly speaking out in defense of life from its conception. Christ is with you: be not afraid.” St. John Paul II


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