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13 Catholic Products You Need in Your Life

Being a Catholic in our world is kind of a big deal. As in… you’re quite a rare breed. A unicorn of sorts. We know there are many people who feel like they are the only one in their school, or in their dorm, or walking down the street who is Catholic. That has the potential to really wear you down and get you discouraged, doesn’t it?

Well here’s tip #1 you rare, beautiful unicorn of a Catholic teen or young adult — surrounding yourself with Catholic things is an amazing way to 1) remind yourself what you stand for on a daily basis, 2) be a subtle witness of your faith to others, 3) be a not-so-subtle witness of your faith to others when they ask about your cool, Catholic stuff, and 4) remind yourself that God, His angels and saints, and the rest of the worldwide community of the Catholic Church are praying for you and supporting you.

And if you feel like there’s only lame, Catholic stuff to buy? Problem. Solved. We found and photographed 13 products that we think you would love. Check ’em out, admire, oooh and aaaah, and then follow the links at the bottom of the page to the different online shops.

Having Catholic stuff no longer means you’re banned to the ranks of the un-hip. Behold: 13 things to prove it…

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