Christina Mead

I Witnessed a Miracle. And You Can Too.

Scratch that. I witness a lot of miracles. Like… all the time and it is mind boggling how cool they are and how incredibly blessed I am. Are you jealous? Don’t be; it’s a sin. Let me tell you about it… the miracles… not the sin of jealousy… silly kidz.

1st miracle: I didn’t press the snooze button this morning. Or maybe that was Thursday last week (okay fine, last month but still cool).

2nd miracle: I saw a teen who’s involved in Life Teen at my parish go to Confession for the first time since 2nd grade!

Miracle #3:
This. Teens worshipping our God and King.


And this:
When was the last time you saw teens praying over each other?


Aren’t priests great? Guess what, 30% of seminarians in the U.S. say that their involvement in Life Teen directly affected their decision to enter seminary:


You can not tell me miracles don’t happen today.

Netflix, naps, alcohol, weed, hookups, bacon, texting, and a weird obsession with cats on the internet is what life looks like to a lot of teens. Our generation longs for meaning and approval and love in their lives and they’re looking in a lot of places that only cause pain.

And then the Holy Spirit said “let there be Life Teen” and thousands of lives have been changed, and thousands more will be changed. Miracles are happening through this movement.

Which is really no surprise because we have a God who all powerful and all loving.

You know what I noticed about miracles in the Gospel? Jesus always works miracles through the effort and request of other people. When someone needed Jesus, it was their family and friends who brought Jesus to that person.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ are hurting and need to encounter God. Life Teen helps make that happen but we can’t do it alone. If you believe in our mission, and if you want to help make miracles happen in the lives of teens, there are three ways you can help:

1. Will you pray for our Annual Appeal?

Seriously, the single most important thing you can do to help us out is to pray for us. It doesn’t have to take long either! Just stop right now, and ask God to bless our efforts and provide for our needs so that we can help more teens encounter Christ. Thanks, you’re the best.

2. Will you help us reach our goal of $300,000?

We would love it if you joined in our efforts and helped us raise money. A bunch of Life Teen employees are walking and running a half marathon to raise money. You could do that! But if you don’t want to run 13 miles, but you could set up a jar at your parish, or shovel snow, or hold a bake sale with your youth group. Everyone loves cupcakes!

Also, if you are able to personally donate to this appeal, you can do that here. You could also accept the challenge to give up eating out once a month and instead use that money to donate $10 per month to Life Teen. Chipotle or Life Teen?… Chipotle or Life Teen?… If you donate you can rest in a state of burrito-less satisfaction because you have my sincerest gratitude and the knowledge that making a donation was probably the best use of your money.

3. Will you dedicate a Facebook status, tweet, or instagram post to Life Teen?

It’s easy, just start off your post with, “I believe in the mission of Life Teen because…” and then point people toward our Annual Appeal page. It’s that simple but you can help us reach a larger audience than we ever could reach ourselves.

We can’t promise to give you a cool t-shirt if you help us out. We have something better. We guarantee that your money will be used to facilitate huge miracles in teens’ lives.

Use your change to make a change.

Join in with us as we change the lives of teens, their families, their parish communities, and ultimately, change the world.

Expect miracles… because they are happening all around us.

Christina Mead

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I'm just striving for sainthood through lots of imperfect ways. I daydream about heaven, where I want to be the patron saint of lifeguards. I think I might paint my nails just so I can pick it off. I wrote a book about Mary and what she taught us about being a Catholic girl. It's called "That One Girl" and I think you'd like it! You can email me at [email protected], or follow me on Twitter @LT_Christina.