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I Wish James Franco Would Flirt with Me

I wish James Franco would flirt with me.

Granted, I’m not 17, not in NYC, and not accustomed to living the insta-flirt lifestyle… (Is that like Twitter flirting? Can that be called Twirting? (Please make that word a thing so I can be known for something (Parenthetical Inception just happened) ) )

Gosh, I just really wish I could get a kissy-face emoji from that Franco man.

Why? Well, there’s the obvious perks: bragging rights fo’ life, another reason for my mom to worry, and so that I could verbally slam him (and not in the poetry sense of the word “slam”).

We who frequent the internet all know what happened last week: James Franco connected with a 17 year old fan on Instagram and then texted her in an attempt to arrange a “meet up” at a hotel. Can we collectively say “creep-a-trillion”!?!?

I would meet up with you James Franco. BUT not because I’m interested in flirting or (heaven forbid) locking lips with you. Oh no. I would only want to meet you in order to give you a Jason Evert style lesson on real love over a nice glass of ice water.

Yeah, I get it… we’re all searching for someone to stop the lonely-ache in our hearts. We’re all tempted to flirt carelessly to bolster our self-esteem. We’re all looking for love and way too willing to settle for the counterfeit. I’m looking at you, Franco.

It’s not okay for him to use his fame and fortune to get whatever he wants and use whomever he wants. And it’s equally not okay for us to search for someone simply to fulfill our selfish wants.

That’s not what love is.

Do you want to know what a love worth fighting for looks like? It’s looks like none of the romantic comedies or sitcoms you’ve seen.

It’s real, and messy, and sometimes it hurts. If love was not supposed to include the pain of sacrifice, Christ would have saved us through a hug.

True love will stretch your trust and challenge your virtue.

True love will be a choice to care for another person even if it means setting yourself aside.

You deserve a love defined by honesty and not masks. You deserve the kind of person that is not afraid to be totally him or herself around you and who you can be unashamedly authentic with. You won’t have to hide parts of who you are for fear of rejection because they fell in love with you – not your body parts, or filtered version of you from an Instagram selfie.

If you, or James, or myself has that kind of love waiting for us to find later on today… then that’s awesome. But that’s probably not going to happen. So, how are you going to practice patience? How are you going to struggle faithfully through the wait? How are you going to trust in God’s plan instead of settling for the easy flirt… the easy hookup… the easy degradation of your personhood through the selling of yourself as body parts?

God is calling you out of the comfort zone of easy, quick, hookup relationships and into the deep waters of trust in His plan. The waters are rough and unstable but they will teach you more than you would ever learn by settling. You can’t notice and appreciate the oasis if you’re not alone in the desert. You wouldn’t appreciate the island paradise if you haven’t been waiting in the vast ocean.

Waiting on God’s plan is what sharpens your eyes to see His plan when it’s presented before you.

Why do we sell ourselves short and believe that good things are reserved for other people and not for us? God wants to give us good things and His timing is perfect. Do you believe that?

The love you deserve, the love I deserve, and the love James Franco deserves (yes, even him) is not about self-gratification.

In fact, the love you deserve looks a lot like Christ’s love for you. It looks a lot like the cross.

crucifixion 1
…So I’d say something along those lines in response to a text from James Franco or any man for that matter who isn’t ready to treat me as I deserve. Can you say the same?

You deserve more. I’m praying for you.

Christina Mead

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