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Why Wait?

Sometimes it seems like our whole lives are spent waiting. We wait for our family members to get out of the bathroom in the morning, we wait for our pop-tarts to toast, we wait in traffic, we wait in the lunch line . . . and it's still only noon.

Waiting can be a pain. I love going to Disney World but if the line for a ride is over 30 minutes, I'll usually skip it and do something else. So it's no surprise that the season of Advent is kind of hard for me. I know Jesus was already born . . . so why am I waiting again? Why isn't every day Christmas?

The Church, in her wisdom, gives us the season of Advent as a time of stillness, silence, and waiting. In today's culture, this month or so before Christmas is a hectic time. We have to worry about final exams, playoff games, traveling plans, decorating, and of course baking cookies!

These things aren't bad, but what is the posture of your heart? Are you diving into the beauty and richness of Advent? This is best accomplished by embracing silence, stillness, and waiting.

What are you waiting for?

Maybe the question you need help answering is this 'What am I waiting for?' As you continue on this Advent, let God reshape your Christmas list. Let Him reveal to you what you really need this Christmas. Like Mary and Joseph, commit to making the journey.

Maybe you don't know what's waiting at the end of the journey or how hard it will be, but know this: God is a father who keeps His promises. He doesn't call you on pointless journeys. He calls you on journeys that lead to His heart. This Christmas He wants to give you something new. He wants to give you more than what you want. He wants to give you what you need.

He wants to affirm you for not grasping or chasing, but rather receiving and seeking.

Be Hungry

You see, many of us have gotten into a routine of stuffing ourselves during Advent. It's the holidays! We like to take it all in. The lights, the music, the food – we want as much as we can get!

But Advent isn't about stuffing ourselves. The Nativity scene isn't full of people gathered around Jesus because they are full. They are there because they're hungry. Advent can only truly be experienced in it's fullness if we awaken and acknowledge our hunger for a Savior; we need to rescued from our sin and our hearts need to be fulfilled by Love Himself.

It's never too late

You may be reading this and thinking, 'Well, Advent is almost over. I guess it's too late.' Don't worry! Jesus' invitation to come and rest in silence and joyful hope never expires.

Don't be afraid to wait. Don't be afraid of silence. Christ is with you even as you wait for Him to come this Christmas.

So be still. Be patient. Be silent. Be joyful and wait on the Lord.

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