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When Heroes Fail

If you're anything like me, you've become pretty disenchanted with many so-called 'heroes' and 'leaders' in our world. The cheating, lies, deceit, and more have invaded my television to the point where I barely turn it on any more.

A few years ago, it was the scandal of Tiger Woods.

Just this past week, we've been bombarded with the confession of Lance Armstrong taking Performance Enhancing Drugs and whatever the heck is going on with Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o.


And it hasn't only been athletes.

We've heard about the extramarital affair of Military General David Petraeus, multiple celebrities having children out of wedlock, and of course we just came out of an election year with more mud-slinging than a rainy night at an outdoor rock concert.

Seriously, are there any role models any more? Is there anyone we can look up to?

The obvious answer to this, of course, is two names: Jesus and Mary. They are perfect and sinless, and I could go on for pages and pages about how we all should be looking to Jesus and Mary to show us the way. In fact, something tells me that if we all truly worshipped Jesus daily with our lives and had a strong and consistent devotion to Mary that maybe the word 'scandal' wouldn't even exist.

But, there are still people in our world that can be great role models.

It's time to recognize them.

Who are they for you?

If you need a good place to start, look to your parents. They raised you, and they make sacrifices for you everyday.

My mom is one of my greatest role models. She's one of the holiest and most selfless people I know. On the other hand, I've had a tough relationship with my dad since my parents' divorce. He hasn't always been the best role model. I love my dad, and we are working our relationship out, but I've had to look other places for a male role model.

Good thing there are so many options: teachers, priests, youth ministers, bishops, coaches, and more.

What about the saints?

If you're looking to grow in holiness, which I hope we all are, there are thousands of saints who can show you the path to a better and holier life.

It's time for us as society, to stop modeling our lives solely off of people with fame and fortune. There's so many more heroes out there – like these two young boys who were just declared the 2012 Sports Illustrated SportsKids of the Year:

People are imperfect. They always will be. But good, holy role models do exist. Teens you have a greater impact than anyone about what's cool and what's not.

It's time to change the perception of who a real role model is.

We're looking to you.

Question: Who are your role models? (Comment on our facebook page).

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