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Another week of Lent has passed by. As some of the sacrifices get easier and some get harder, I hope that the most important thing – hearing the voice of the Lord – has been easier. For me, the Lord kept bringing up the theme of ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâèÏhome' in my life this week.

Home? What Home?

As a teenager, my neat little idea of home was damaged and changed by my parents divorce. So many people go through life feeling homeless. Many people, through loss of job or one unfortunate event after another, end up with no place to live. Even people who live in big houses may still feel like they have no home. Other people, who feel like no one in their house really knows them or understands them, feel as though they have a house but no home.

You know, if Lent is about getting closer to Jesus, then feeling homeless from time to time may not be such a bad thing during Lent. For even Jesus said, 'Foxes have holes and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to rest his head' (Matthew 8:20) He is with us in our desire for a home. What's important is what we do with that desire for a home.

Home in His Heart

My two favorite musicians, Billy Joel and John Mayer, both have songs about finding a home in someone, particularly women in their case. Many people, including myself, have tried to find comfort and a home in things that will fade away. Those things ultimately leave us unhappy; our hearts long for much more.

The truth is, we all have a home in the heart of Jesus and thats the only home we can't live without. So this week in Lent, I intentionally found comfort and ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâèÏhome' in Jesus and sought Him first. My prayer life and my relationships were much more rich and fruitful because of it.

Healing Home Relationships

Such as my relationship with my mom. After the divorce, I forced myself to become so independent and didn't allow her to be a mother to me, or allow myself to be a son.

So I'm trying to get closer to my mom and invest in her life. I've committed to praying for her more and to going on a date with my mom once a week. This week, we went out for coffee and to the parish mission to hear a priest speak on the faces of Jesus. It was such a great night.

Shelter the Homeless

I wanted to help someone in need of a home as my almsgiving for this week. I work at a church and many homeless people come to us regularly for food and help. I've befriended some of them and chat with them when I see them around town.

One guy had told me a few weeks ago that his tent had been stolen and he was getting rained on at night. I had an extra tent at home and put it in my car for the next time I saw him. Without even realizing how it flowed with the theme of my week, I saw him at our church's homeless help center and gave him the tent. It will serve as a home for him right now.

Brothers and sisters, Lent can be beautiful, challenging, consoling, and convicting in unexpected ways. Just as our Lord walked with me through the theme of ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâèÏhome', He may desire to walk with you through something specific this week. I encourage you to keep your heart open to God's voice, and see if He might be placing a certain theme on your heart. It might be an area you’ve been hurt in or something you didn’t even realize needed attention. Perhaps you could listen to the song 'In the Silence' by Sarah Kroger, then spend some time listening to the voice of God and feel his movements. Wherever He takes you is the best place you could be.

I hope your Lent continues to help you grow in holiness. I'm praying for you, please pray for me.

Be God's.

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