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Weakness Exposed

A good way to get away from the over-technological mindset the world is in right now is to do something thats old and traditional, not involving a phone or computer. I had to do this recently, as I broke off a branch of an aloe plant from my yard, squeezed out its contents, and rubbed it on my arms and legs to ease the burn. That's right, I got sunburned. While my inner thighs have yet to see the good in this situation, my mind is actually thankful.

I realize that many of you live in places where the weather gets cold. Even though Spring has begun, you might still be shoveling snow. If that's the case, than this blog might annoy you. But the reason I'm telling you about my sunburn is because it taught me a valuable lesson going into Holy Week.

I was at a spring training baseball game with some friends. We chose to pass up buying an actual seat and get a ticket to sit out in the lawn, overlooking the outfield. The result was 4 hours roasting in the sun. Since there was a cool breeze, we didn't realize quite how bright the sun was shining.

Slowly but surely I started to get uncomfortable. I had to squint to see. I felt myself getting dehydrated but since I don't come from a royal family, I couldn’t afford a water bottle. The sun was beating down on me and I could feel my legs, arms and neck begin to heat up.

After a while, I had completely forgotten how blessed I was to be at a great sporting event with friends. Instead, I was thinking about how I wanted the game to end so I could get in the shade. I became less fun and cheerful than I usually am. I let it affect my mood and attitude towards everything and everyone around me.

Sometimes light reveals things that we don't want to see. Lent has a way of doing that. It causes a little bit of pressure and stress, and shows us just how weak we can be sometimes. In my case, sitting in the sun revealed some things in me that I needed to work on. Had I gone and escaped into the shade, I may have missed out on the chance to improve myself.

I don't need to tell you that Lent isn't a time for comfort. So as we go through Holy Week together, I encourage you to get in the light and stay there. The light shows us just how weak we are without Christ, but also how strong we can be with Him.

In the light is a good place to be. Lent is a good season. Feel yourself being stretched? Take heart. That's a sign that you're growing.

Be God's.

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