Advent: Waiting (for right NOW).

It's a good thing I go to Mass, because that seems to be where God always tells me what blog about. And the question that's weighed on my heart so far this week is this: 'Am I eagerly awaiting Christ?' Advent is all about waiting for Christ, both in the past (check out the Gospels) and in the future (when the skies open and world ends – see: last Sunday's readings). But what about the present? We're waiting for Christ at the two ends of ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâèÏA.D.' but are we waiting for Him right now?

This Advent doesn't just give us a chance to prepare our hearts for God in the long term, but in the very immediate way of each Mass. Every liturgy is a mini-Nativity; as the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ come down from Heaven to meet us. When we're at Mass – or in a Eucharistic chapel – do we recognize Christ? Are we aware of His presence?

If we're truly going to live as people in love with the living Christ, we have to be able to recognize Him. What would it say about your relationship with your parents or your friends if you didn't recognize or acknowledge them when you saw them? God is found many times in the quiet whisper and not the loud thunderstorm. A tabernacle in an old, quiet church might not seem transformational… until we recognize that the King of the Universe is there waiting for us.

Advent can fly by. Before you know it, you'll be reading (and we’ll be writing) blogs about New Year's and the Epiphany. Don't let this season of preparation catch you… unprepared. Take some extra time these next few weeks to recognize Christ. Maybe that means dropping by your chapel for 5 minutes with Jesus. It might be as simple as focusing that much harder at Mass. However you do it, find Christ – and your Christmas will be that much more beautiful for it.

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