Christina Mead

The Secret to Sainthood

Do you ever feel like there's some big secret to becoming a saint and you can't figure out what it is? What did they do to become so awesome? Was there a book they read? A certain prayer they prayed? Does a diet of bread and fish help?

That's what I was wondering. (Not so much the bread and fish part.) God has been teaching me that you become a saint by suffering faithfully through whatever struggles are in your life. Jesus gave us the Sacraments to help us and give us the grace we need. Do you realize that even Mary and the Apostles went to Mass, received the Eucharist, and set aside time for prayer?

The big secret to sainthood is that there is no secret. You become holy by doing the obvious things like reading the bible, praying, going to Mass and Reconciliation, and practicing virtue when it's hardest.

When I started to understand this, it was a little bittersweet. I thought to myself, 'Sweet! I already know what I have to do to become holy!' Easy . . . right?

NO! It's not easy because you have to put in the effort when you don't feel like it. You can't just go on a retreat and think you're all set for your 'holiness quotient' for the year. It's something you work on daily, and it's hard.

It's like being an athlete. You don't roll out of bed one day and execute a perfect synchronized dive or jump 10 hurdles. Athletes train hard, day after day, even when they don't feel like it.

There are times in your spiritual life when God is the last person you want to talk to because He's going to tell you the truth instead of what you want to hear. (That's what makes Him God – the Way, the Truth, and the Life.)

When you don't feel like going to Mass and you would rather watch a movie than drive to your church . . . but you go anyway – that's when you're becoming a saint.

Choosing purity in temptations, modesty over immodesty, gratitude over jealousy, love instead of hate – that's what makes you a saint.

And then there are the times when your life is falling apart and you want to blame God, but you make the decision to trust His plan for your life. Sainthood is on the horizon baby, I'm tellin' you.

You guys are so lucky, do you realize that? I just revealed the big, non-secret to you and it didn't cost you a thing. It's because I want us to become saints together.

Don't give up, stay faithful, and your reward will be great in heaven!

I'm praying for you.

Christina Mead

About the Author

I'm just striving for sainthood through lots of imperfect ways. I daydream about heaven, where I want to be the patron saint of lifeguards. I think I might paint my nails just so I can pick it off. I wrote a book about Mary and what she taught us about being a Catholic girl. It's called "That One Girl" and I think you'd like it! You can email me at [email protected], or follow me on Twitter @LT_Christina.