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The Holiest Vocation

About three years ago, I went through a big conversion and in the course of a few months my faith grew exponentially and so much in my life changed. I was reading everything about the Church I could get my hands on, I prayed the rosary daily and I practically lived in the adoration chapel. I was in love with my faith and everyone around me knew it.

However, as wonderful as my renewed spiritual life was, I quickly began to freak out . . . being that holy obviously meant I was being called to be a nun, right?

The Misunderstanding

At the time, the majority of the saints I knew about were priests or nuns. I knew that men and women in religious life prayed a ton. And while I was praying a novena to St. Therese, multiple people mentioned that I should be a nun. How could I not think I was destined for religious life after that?

I reached the point where I began to cringe when someone said the word 'nun'; not because I didn't want to be open to religious life, but because there seemed to be no other option for me. Society, my friends, and even I, seemed to say that if I wanted to be holy and absolutely in love with the Lord, I had no option other than the convent. Marriage and single life were reserved for the people who were just 'good enough' and didn't do much more than what was expected of them.

The Truth

However, the truth is that no single vocation is set aside for the 'holiest people.' The beauty of our Catholic faith is that we have all been created to seek holiness and we've all been given unique graces to find it (Romans 12:3-8).

By discerning God's will for our lives we are able to find the particular vocation He has planned for us. God always desires our happiness and holiness so whatever vocation he's called us to is the one that'll make us as happy and as holy as we can be on this earth!

The one thing that's the same about everyone's vocation is that we're all called to constantly seek God. When we do that, we find that our ultimate vocation is, in fact, holiness and heaven . . . and you don't have to live in a convent to get there.

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Erika Parks

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I joined the Catholic Church in 2006 and have been chasing after sanctity ever since. I've been a nanny for 4 years, which means I can pretty much sing the theme song to every kid show. Also, I really love chewy candy and refuse to eat meat off of a bone.