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The Cure for Laziness

When I was in high school, during those ancient years in the 90’s when we had an alarm clock that was separate from our phones, I hated waking up early.

Okay. Maybe hated isn't the right word.

Let's go with loathed.

No. Despised. Yeah. That's it.

Look. Let's just say I would have rather drunk a broccoli milkshake topped with sour cream for breakfast every morning than yank myself out of bed when my alarm clock went off.

Unfortunately there's this little thing known as the 'real world' that requires you to go to school, learn, and one day get a job in which you will more than likely have to wake up early.

So I made a choice to kiss the snooze button goodbye, scrape out all my eye boogers, and pull myself from the fluffy slice of heaven known as my bed.


When my alarm clock went off.

Whether I liked it or not.

Now you may ask how I was able to make such a transformation, and I wish I could tell you some amazing story about how Mary appeared to me and gave me this huge revelation.

But I can't.

I just made a choice.

I didn't like getting up early, so you know what I did?

I offered it up.

I'd think about all those kids that didn't have the privilege of getting an education, and I offered it up for them.

I reflected on people who were bed-ridden and would do anything to walk, said a prayer, and got out of bed for them.

I offered up my parents in prayer who worked hard everyday to put food on the table, and I got out of bed.

Life is hard sometimes, and there are things that will be tough for us to do. When I was in high school I had trouble getting out of bed.

What's your struggle?

Whatever it is, I'm sure there is someone out there that could use a prayer, and your sacrifice will not go unnoticed by our Lord.

So whatever you're dealing with.

Whatever is difficult for you.

Whatever you have to do but don't really like.

Take a moment.

Say a prayer.

Think of a person.

And offer it up.

You'll be thankful you did, and you'll send a bit of grace to someone who needs it.

Question: What is one thing you can offer up for someone else? (Share below.)

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