Christina Mead

The Commonalities of Pancakes and Sin

I'm not sure if you know this about me but something rather drastic happened in my life a couple months ago – I found out I had an intolerance for gluten. If you follow me on the Twittersphere (LT_Christina) you've probably seen me talk about this. Scratch that, you've probably seen me complain and bemoan my gluten-less state while everyone else is so happily eating muffins and bagels and brownies.

Hold on though, don't feel bad for me because in all honestly I feel much better and now Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga finally have something in common with me. (That's the real reason they're gluten free; I asked them not to mention it.)

Plus . . . gluten makes me sick. I feel terrible about 17.5 minutes after I eat it and it's unpleasant effects last for way longer than the taste did in my mouth.

But I still desire to eat it. In fact, (don't tell my doctor) sometimes I do eat it. Why Christina?! Why would you do that to yourself? You know it's not good for you and it makes you feel terrible, why would you knowingly consume it??!

For the same reason you and I choose sin.

It looks so harmless and appealing.

We don't think about all it's effects in a moment of temptation.

Everyone else is doing it.

We think it'll make us happier.

The aftermath is regret, spiritual sickness, and unhappiness. Why do we chose sin when the alternative is our loving God? We are fallen and broken my brothers and sisters. We have to face the reality that until something changes sin will continue to look attractive and temptation will continue to be hard to resist.

Fall more deeply in love with Christ and the chains of sin will fall off. We have to want something better than sin; staying in close relationship with Christ is that 'something better.'

Additionally, that 'something better' for me is anything gluten free. I have to remind myself when I see my roommates eating tasty pancakes, (don't ask me about my disastrous attempts at gluten free pancakes . . . sore subject) I have to say to myself, 'Christina, that will make you sick. You don't want that. You'll regret it.'

The more important question is . . . can I do the same when it comes to sin? Can I stop and say to myself, can you stop and say to yourself, 'You don't want to commit that sin, it will make your soul sick. You'll regret it.'

I'm praying for you.

Christina Mead

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I'm just striving for sainthood through lots of imperfect ways. I daydream about heaven, where I want to be the patron saint of lifeguards. I think I might paint my nails just so I can pick it off. I wrote a book about Mary and what she taught us about being a Catholic girl. It's called "That One Girl" and I think you'd like it! You can email me at [email protected], or follow me on Twitter @LT_Christina.