This may lead to what I would like to call Insta-jealousy. This diagnosis includes (but is not limited to) jealousy of possessions, jealousy of relationships, poor self-image, self-doubt, loneliness, discontent, sadness, extreme longing, self-pity, and the occasional runny nose.

Taming the Jealous Monster Inside You

Ìâ‰âÂÌâÅÒGreat news! I got a promotion . . . and I'm ENGAGED!'

My friend went on and on sharing the romantic story of how her tall, handsome, Catholic man proposed. Everything in her life seemed to be the stuff of her dreams . . . and mine. As she was oozing with excitement, I smiled and was happy for her, but inside I had this strange, silent but sickly feeling of envy. There was this small part of me that wanted her to gain 10 lbs, break out with acne, or just stop talking. (Ok, not my finest moment).