Heaven, Help Us: Saints Who Will Pray for Your Purity

Of course, you should continue to pray at all times, but especially before you go on a date or spend time with your boyfriend. Pray that you will make good decisions. Ask for the wisdom, courage, and prudence to avoid temptation and the situations where it lingers. Whether that means you’ll leave the place you find yourself in, surround yourself by others, or end the date early.

More Friends Than You Can Count: Why Catholics Pray With the Saints

When I ask you, 'How many friends do you have?' what pops into your mind? Is it ‘Ìâ‰âÂÌâ_

How many 'true' friends?

How many Facebook friends?

How many friends in my whole lifetime? Actually, it's far more than any of those numbers. In truth you have more friends than you can count. The saints in heaven are the best friends you could ask for … and they're pulling for you.