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“Still Lolo”: A Story About Fashion, Faith, and Fear

In 2011 Lauren 'Lolo' Scruggs was living the life any 23-year-old young woman would dream of. She had recently graduated college and had interned at Michael Kors’ studio and the costume department of Gossip Girl. She had reported on Fashion Week in New York, Paris, and Montreal and her online magazine LOLO Magazine was generating lots of industry buzz.

Then, on December 3, 2011, Lauren was hit by the propeller blade of a small airplane and her life was turned upside down. The propeller grazed her skull and left eye and cut off her left hand. She was rushed to the hospital where her parents and twin sister anxiously waited with a room full of friends to hear if Lauren would recover.

Still Lolo tells the story of Lauren's recovery and how she and her family faced her uncertain future and the loss of her hand and eye with courage, faith and hope.

This year's theme at Life Teen is fearless – living life free from fear because we believe and trust in God’s love and his plans for us. When faced with the trials and difficulties of life, this isn’t easy to do. That’s why I recommend reading Still Lolo, the real life story of a young woman who leaned on God in times of struggle and was able to move forward fearlessly in her physical and emotional recovery.

Click here to get this book on Amazon.

Click here to get this book on Amazon.

The book starts off describing the events of the accident, mostly from her family’s perspective since Lauren was unconscious once she was hit. But more than the accident the book is a memoir of her life so far. Her parents write about their divorce and eventual remarriage, her sister Brittany writes about their childhood together. Lauren herself relates her journey to discover God's plan for her life, and her desire to bring the light of Christ into the fashion industry, a world not known for its Christian values. She also writes candidly about moments of turning away from God and bad relationships. Through it all the family prays, and leans on God.

Lauren’s accident proves to be her biggest trial so far. She has to learn to walk again, manage with one hand, and use prosthetic arms. Medical bills and media attention, fears about her appearance and if boys will still find her attractive are all challenges.

Reading the book is like listening to your big sister share her soul with you, her triumphs and her defeats on the Holy Journey, and how God has led her to be where she is today. Despite the trauma she never gives but instead finds inspiration to move forward courageously. In her own words:

'My life changed forever the moment I was hit by that propeller. Some of my dreams are different now. But I'm not going to let anything stop me from living out God's plan for me. I've lost an eye . . . but I've never seen the world more clearly than I do today. I've lost my hand . . . but I've never been more excited about the work God has for me to do. I'm still me – still Lolo – and I'm going to Live Out Loud. Walking forward without fear.'


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