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Stand Strong #prolifegeneration

An uprising.
A movement.
A generation who seeks justice.

The words above describe a little of what I experienced this past week, but perhaps could most adequately be described by the word “revolution.”

This week I encountered a true revolution — a revolution of people who know the dignity of life and choose to stand for the right to life despite any opposition to destroy that right.

On Wednesday hundreds of thousands gathered in Washington D.C for one cause — an end to abortion. For me, this journey started as I traveled from Saint Paul, Minnesota with 4 buses filled with spirited youth. In D.C we were met by countless others who came for the same cause and to March at the 41st annual March for Life. Literally everywhere I turned in D.C. I encountered groups of teens and young adults.

This week Washington D.C was stormed by a generation of young people who are unapologetically pro-life. Whether you were at the March for Life or supported the pro-life movement from home, you truly are a pro-life generation and I am unbelievably proud of you.

I am humbled by your witness to the dignity of life.

Your willingness to be the voice of the voiceless is heroic. The sacrifices you made to stand for those who cannot is remarkable. Your devotion to those who have been robbed the chance of life inspires me and your commitment to praying for the unborn is incredible.

We hear a lot about the pro-life movement around the anniversary of the decision that made abortion legal- Roe vs. Wade. It is absolutely necessary that we mourn this anniversary and advocate for the defenseless on this day.

Keep in mind, being pro-life isn’t a one-day event; it is a model of how we live our lives and what we stand up for. Don’t lose your zeal and passion for life! Saints are those who stand up for what is true when no one is watching. Continue to be a pro-life generation. Continue to be a generation that stands for all life, especially the most vulnerable.

This past week many teens shared with me their desire to stand for life and advocate an end to abortion in their schools and to their families and friends. They shared with me their desire for an end to abortion and that they won’t stop advocating until they see this end. These young people told me that they have great hope that they will be the generation that ends abortion. It takes courage to be an advocate for life, and strength to stand up for what is at times an unpopular truth.

I pray that you may continue to be a generation that fearlessly stands up for life and is heroically courageous in its defense for life.

Continue the revolution. And remember, you are not alone.

“Never tire of firmly speaking out in defense of life from its conception and do not be deterred from the commitment to defend the dignity of every human person with courageous determination. Christ is with you: Be Not Afraid!” – Blessed Pope John Paul II

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