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A Second Start: Making New Semester Resolutions

The first semester of college was a big deal for me. I moved to a new city and for the first time in my life, I was on my own. I had no parents to ask if I could go somewhere, no one to ask me if I had done my homework, and no one to look at my grades.

For such a big change in my life, I’m proud of the way my first semester went. I got good grades, I made new friends, and my friendship with God flourished in ways I didn’t think possible in a secular environment.

But there were definitely things I could have done better.

I procrastinated worse than I ever have — pulling all-nighters at some points and sleeping in class the next day because I was so tired. I didn’t get off my campus as much as I wanted to and explore my new city (Boston), mainly because I was too lazy or stuck inside with homework. One of the biggest disappointments for me last semester was that I only went to adoration twice.

Before college, adoration was a huge part of my life and something that brought me great clarity, but last semester I didn’t make it a priority and stopped going. While I improved in other parts of my spiritual life, this aspect weakened.

But it is 2014 now, and I’m making some changes. But these aren’t your run of the mill New Year’s Resolutions. These are much cooler.

These are New Semester Resolutions.

1. Procrastinate less.

And I really mean it this time. I’m not starting tomorrow or next week; I’m starting as I write this article which I really want to save until Sunday night. Last semester procrastination kept me from doing many of my hobbies, such as writing or reading for fun, because I was too exhausted from writing 5 pages in one night. But not this semester.

2. Explore my city more.

When I came home from Boston for Christmas vacation, I was bombarded with questions about how the city was and if I had done things that all Bostonians do — a baseball game at Fenway, clam chowder on a pier, or putting my car keys in my khakis — and I found that I did not have answers for their questions. I hadn’t done any of those things. Next semester I’m stepping off my campus to do some exploring. I’m going to find hole in the wall restaurants that I can call home about and say “Guess what I tried today!”

3. Go to adoration every week.

Adoration is something that all Catholics should take advantage of, and I did not last semester. Even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes, I resolve to take time out of each week and visit God.

4. Call and Skype home more often.

Coming home was a big eye opener for me with my family. I didn’t realize how much I missed my siblings and parents until all six of us were together again. Last semester I talked to them at least once a week (usually), but I think I can manage a little more this semester.

But how am I going to do this? I can’t just say I’m going to do all this and not have a plan; after all, if you make a goal without a plan, it just turns into a wish.

I’m going to make a schedule

This is something I most definitely did not do last semester. Oftentimes I would sit down ready to do homework early and instead waste the time away on Buzzfeed or Facebook. I think if I make a schedule for myself and plan out my week I will be much more successful at time management, especially when I know if I focus on homework for the next two hours I get a whole hour of free time afterwards. It says so in my schedule.

Forget New Year’s Resolutions, I want to know about New Semester Resolutions. What changes are you making this semester?

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