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Recalculating… Life

I'm not really the best at navigating. I'll often head in the wrong direction for way too long, convinced that the destination is just another mile away. I should probably just use the extra GPS we have at home, but I don't trust British women and I'm too lazy to change the voice settings.

It's fair to say that my driving is always an adventure full of surprises, disappointments, and apologies to my passengers.

Whether you're directionally challenged like me or not, life is pretty tough to navigate. Everyone has moments where we are unsure of who we are, where we're headed, and if there is a voice that we can trust to get us there. Even prayer can be frustrating as we go through different periods where God may seem close or distant, loud or silent.

For the past several years I've been meeting with a spiritual director. A spiritual director is a man or woman (typically a priest or religious sister) who you meet with regularly (once every month or few months) to find encouragement and guidance in your faith journey.

Birds-eye view

A spiritual director is kind of like one of those NFL coaches who sit in the booths high above the field. From their vantage point, those coaches can see the bigger picture that the players on the field can't totally see. A spiritual director is someone who can offer advice because he (or she) is able to see beyond the temptations, struggles, issues, and challenges that are right in front of you.

Through the twists and turns of life, my spiritual director has been the one who:

Provides hope and constantly reminds me who I am and whose I am.

He supports me when I wrestle with sin and fear.

He celebrated the mass when I married the girl of my dreams.

In the middle of all the stresses of daily life, it's so hard to see beyond today. So often my spiritual director has spoken God's truth to me as he constantly points me back to the eternal perspective of God's plan for my life.

Because he's known me for years, he's able to see past the surface and keep me honest when I'm half-hearted in my pursuit of holiness.

You Deserve Good Directions

I want to encourage you to pray about finding a spiritual director. Ask a priest at your parish, find a religious sister in your area, or ask your youth minister who they would recommend for you.

Spiritual direction is a great source of encouragement and guidance, especially in a world where everything is constantly changing. It's such a blessing to have someone you can turn to who will remind you where you're headed and encourage you to persevere when you've lost motivation.

Thank God that these holy men and women in our Church can help us to recalculate when we've made a wrong turn. Which, if you're anything like me . . . can happen pretty easily.

Brian Kissinger

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