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Parental Roadblock: What to do if Your Parents Won’t Let You Date

Q: I recently met a girl that I really like, we even met at church, but her parents don’t think she is old enough to be dating. But she’s really a great girl and I don’t want to end things. I think her parents are being way too strict. What should I do?

A: It sounds like a really tough situation, and I know there are no easy solutions or answers. I know it may sound unfair, you’ve really got to respect her parents’ decision. Maybe they are strict, or maybe they are suspicious of anyone who wants to date their daughter, but they’re her parents and they have a God-given responsibility to lead their daughter and to establish rules for their children.

Look to the example of the saints: many of them were living under strict, and sometimes unfair, leaders, and yet they knew that obedience was part of the path to holiness. I promise you that you will not regret respecting her parents’ rules. It will be frustrating, and definitely difficult, but I guarantee that God will bless your faithfulness and your obedience. Even Jesus, who is fully God, lived in obedience to His parents on earth.

I am also reminded of the story of Abraham, who had waited his whole life for a son. When he finally got what he had hoped for, God asked him to be willing to sacrifice Isaac. Because Abraham was willing to surrender his plans and his dreams to God, God blessed his obedience and gave him a future infinitely better than he could’ve hoped for (Genesis 22:1-18).

As time goes on, if this relationship is something that’s going to work out, then it will happen in the proper time. There’s no rush, there’s no reason to hurry or to secretly keep pursuing her in the fear that either of you might miss out on something special.

You can trust God, and you can trust that He has plans for both of you that are infinitely better than anything you could imagine. Part of that plan is obedience. It’s difficult but I promise it’s worth it!

I know it’s not easy. Be sure of our prayers for you and for your friend. I can tell that you’re a man after God’s heart, and i know that He’ll bless you for your integrity and your desire to seek His will in your life.

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