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The One Who Stole My Heart: My Eucharistic Love

I was sitting in the car, holding Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and I knew with absolute certainty that God existed and was alive.

We all have a longing, to know God exists and have tangible proof. I think anyone who has ever wondered about the meaning of life, and their purpose on the earth, would jump at the opportunity to get their hands on this proof.

The beautiful miracle of our Catholic faith is, we believe we can hold the God of the universe in our very hands, even for a brief moment, every Sunday, and receive Him in the Eucharist. What more tangible proof could we want?

Meeting the Lord Face to Face

Two years ago I was volunteering on the girls Confirmation retreat for my parish. We were headed to West Virginia for the overnight retreat. We brought a consecrated host, Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, with us because we planned on having a time of adoration that evening. It is a two hour drive from Virginia to the retreat center and someone was going to get to hold Jesus during the car ride. I literally jumped at this opportunity. Serious. My feet left the ground.

I sat in the backseat of that car and waited for the deacon to hand me our Lord in the little gold container, the capsula. I was practically shaking with anticipation. I knew this was an amazing opportunity to be extremely close to the Living God, one very few people will ever have.

I rode in the car for two hours with our Lord clutched to my chest. I had my knees up by my face and both my hands over Him, hugging Him tightly to myself. I could feel my heartbeat in my hands, pounding through the gold capsula. I did not speak. The hours passed like minutes as I sat there in complete awe and wonder.

When we got to the retreat center, I did not want to let Him go. I had to tear myself away from Him. I was completely content to simply sit there and be with Him. It was such a blessing to have that opportunity.

The best way to describe my encounter with our Lord, is through the words of St. Anthony Claret:

“When I am before the Blessed Sacrament I feel such a lively faith that I can’t describe it. Christ in the Eucharist is almost tangible to me. When it is time for me to leave, I have to tear myself away from His sacred presence.”

This is a saint who truly believed God existed and knew it through the gift of Jesus in the Eucharist.

God Exists

This was a critical point in my re-conversion to the Faith. I knew in my head that Jesus was really present in the Eucharist, but I didn’t know it in my heart.

I did not feel truly alive when I came to the celebration of the Eucharist.

Until I allowed the Real Presence of Jesus Christ alive in the Eucharist to transform my heart, I did not live like I knew God existed.

It was only after I realized who I was receiving, that I knew in my heart – not just my head – that God exists. When we come to know who we are receiving, we are given the grace to recognize the transforming new life He is giving us, through His Body and Blood.

I know that the Lord is God and He exists because, through faith and trusting in the Church’s teaching, I meet Him every day face to face in the Sacraments, most especially in the Eucharist.

The Celebration of the Eucharist

When we come to Mass, the Celebration of the Eucharist, and hear God’s Word proclaimed and receive Him in Word and Sacrament, we cannot leave the same person. We are changed. Every time.

My journey has led me over and over to the same place – Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Everytime I come to the holy sacrifice of the Mass, I fall more in love with the Lord and I am more and more convicted that He exists.

With each Mass I am brought back to that afternoon in the car. For those few seconds Jesus rests in my hands, the emotions and memories of holding Him for hours flood back to me, overwhelm me. All my attention is completely drawn to Him and I am filled with new life.

Are you looking for proof that God exists? My challenge to you is to come and encounter the Living God in the Eucharist. He is there waiting for you. He wants to meet you.

He humbles Himself, taking the form of simple bread and wine, so that we will not be afraid to approach Him: King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God Creator of the universe. Come to Mass and allow Him to change your heart, like He did mine.

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