Fleeing from Fear

I’m afraid of walking past where the bear lives at summer camp. I’m afraid of walking anywhere in the dark. I’m afraid of never finding my vocation. I’m afraid of white water rafting. I’m afraid of large quantities of mayonnaise and sliced yellow cheese. So what do I do to […]

Be missionary!

Something that I hear often is what a great person I am for being a missionary in Haiti. I think people admire the thought of someone temporarily giving up their life in the U.S. to go to some poor foreign country to feed the hungry and clothe the naked even […]

I’m like St. Therese!

Yes, like Saint Therese (of Lisieux)! I’m not from France and don’t speak any French. I also didn’t loose my mom at a very young age. I don’t have siblings who entered the convent and I didn’t visit the Pope to ask permission to enter a religious order when I […]

Imitating St. Joseph

The year 2011 started well, midnight Mass with my Cardinal Archbishop at St. Leonard Church in the North End of Boston. This was a great way to start off what would be an eventful year. I entered the year with an important decision: when would I propose to my girlfriend, […]

To Bring Souls to Christ

St. Therese of Liseux once said that her vocation “is to love.”  Vocation is the most intimate part of our relationship with God.  It is what gives meaning to everything we do, so this simple proclamation that one’s vocation is just to love was a huge thunderbolt moment for St. […]