Everything began with an image. The heart suffered under the strain of deeply rooted thorns, bleeding and bruised, barely breathing, waiting for something or someone to destroy the wicked plant. Choking, the heart became selfish and complacent with misery.


Leaving home, school, work, and friends has totally gone against all that. I will never reach the American dream as a full-time missionary. I’m the crazy guy who left school, work, family, and friends to do the complete opposite of the American dream and became poor.

Be missionary!

Something that I hear often is what a great person I am for being a missionary in Haiti. I think people admire the thought of someone temporarily giving up their life in the U.S. to go to some poor foreign country to feed the hungry and clothe the naked even […]

Missionary Perfection?

In the movie Remember the Titans, A group of young men were called to perfection by their coach. The same thing is asked of us today. Although we might not have to run a mile if we aren’t perfect, our reality is much more serious. If we do not become […]

Holy Boldness

Being bold is more than acting without thinking. Being bold is more than doing stupid things to prove that I am unafraid. Being bold is certainly more than never conceding my point of view in an argument. Being bold is much more than being close-minded, pretending to be tough, and never backing down. […]

Missionary’s Risk

For Christmas, I was able to go home for the first time since our formation year at Covecrest began in September. I was so excited to go home and see my family, and it was great. I have a great relationship with my family, so it was truly a blessing […]

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid. How often do we hear these words? As a child, our parents say it a lot – if you are afraid of the dark or if you think there is a monster under your bed. As a child of God, God the Father says, “Do not […]

Do Not Be Afraid!

Let’s face it, I am a big pansy. I am afraid of everything. I don’t like rollercoasters, I don’t like scary movies, and my biggest fear is skunks. Of all things! I’m a big chicken. So reading Scripture today I was struck by Psalm 27 where it said, “The LORD […]