“I want your heart.” These words came to me one day this past January as I was praying in the chapel. Since then, I have not been able to get them out of my head. My first thought was, “Jesus, I have already given you my heart! I am a missionary, after all…”

Saint in the Making

Since our baptism, we were meant to be saints in the kingdom of heaven. I have been reflecting about people making comments on wanting to become saints. How does one become a saint? To become a saint, one must live a life of holiness. Many perceive that holiness is reserved […]

Let Me See Your Halo

So, recently I’ve been thinking about sainthood. I know that we’re all called to be saints, but do I realistically think I can be one? Many times, I don’t. Have you heard of the universal call to holiness? I was introduced to the idea a few years ago, yet, despite […]

Why I Deleted My Facebook (Saints By Halves)

This past week I sent out a message to my mission support group on Facebook letting them know that I had decided to delete my Facebook page. It was about 7am in the morning, we had just gotten out of our morning Holy Hour, and I wasn’t prepared to go into full details as to why I had made this decision, but I knew it had to be done…