It seems silly, but my problem is that I’m comfortable. Now, I’m not talking about the sweatpants and comfy cardigan that I’m wearing right now. I’m talking about the areas in my life that I’m slowly becoming complacent in because of my sense of comfort. Mostly, I’m talking about how I’m too comfortable in where I live, the people I live with, the relationships that I form or don’t form, and the habits that have started to creep slowly back into my life…

“I’m a Hard Hard Worker Everyday”

Most people who come to Covecrest think us missionaries have it pretty good. They’re right. It’s the best life ever. I can’t imagine myself being or desiring to be anywhere else. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” in the words of Will Regan – one of our favorite worship songs. […]

Wake Up Call: Fighting Complacency

It was sunny with a high of 55 degrees at Covecrest today and I was in a happy place playing football with about twenty 8th Graders who were nearing the end of their school retreat.  I was reading the eyes of the other quarterback anticipating an epic interception and run […]