Dear Anonymous,

Thanks again for your donation and your prayers. You are a part of this mission and we pray for you everyday. The ripple effects of your generosity are reaching far and wide. Many teens, college students, young adults and missionaries (myself included!) are coming to fall more in love with Christ and His mission. On behalf of all os us, THANK YOU!


Many people ask what our everyday life looks like here in Haiti. Well here it goes, sort of. This is a typical day in my life, but everyday is really different. As a missionary, I try to maintain some sort of schedule, but I have learned to become more flexible and receive who Jesus places in front of me. 


Oh this has definitely happened to you, it’s happened to all of us. You’re walking around a department store and suddenly– youcome face to face with one of those cheesy, framed, fancy font, colorful, yet intriguing every time, words that make you ask yourself; “Am I living?…Am I Laughing?…Am I Loving? Yes, I am talking about that frame that is or has even been on your very own wall somewhere in your home (If it hasn’t, then I am sure you have come across these words somehow) that contains the words: Live. Laugh. Love.

But there’s no need to be shy about it. It’s okay, like I said; it happens to all of us. It hits a deep spot in our hearts and we have dazed off in our past thinking about all the things we could have done differently and what we should start doing. We end up with a long list of regrets and things we want to do before we kick the bucket, as they say. But we then soon realize we are in the middle of a department store and think of just how many people are now staring at a person staring off into space in the middle of the seasonal isle, and go on our way.

Living in Haiti has impacted all of our lives here as missionaries. But, more importantly so– it has made clear the essentials to mission and of life we all seek to attain in our very own life: LIVE. LAUGH. LOVE.


Meet Bibi. She is a soft-spoken, sweet woman in her 60’s who works in our kitchen. Her and her husband, Benoit were married in July after 40 something years together. They had their first child when she was 15 and 7 more after that. They have many grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. The morning of their wedding, they were both baptized and on Christmas Eve they received Communion for the first time.

Last week we were walking past Bibi’s house on our way to a home visit and decided to stop at Bibi’s instead. Her and her family scrambled to find all 6 of us chairs; they even had to go to a neighbor’s house to get enough chairs. Such hospitality and humility. 



Home has had many different connotations for me over my life. My home growing up, my summer camp home, my home of Covecrest for two years, and now, Ferguson. 


The last few weeks have made Ferguson look like a very needy place. Yes, this town does need much, but that doesn’t mean the people here are unable or unwilling to give. If there’s one thing this town needs, it’s more people giving of themselves and serving others. The teens of Blessed Teresa are doing it. Let’s follow their example this Advent and Christmas season.


I’ve never woken up and wished the night before were just a bad dream more than I did this morning.

I don’t know what to say or what to do..

What I do know is that I want to share with you the love I have for this town I am proud to call my home.


A few weeks ago I had the privilege of going to the Feast Day mass at a small local prison in Haiti with Fr. Louis, Sean, and two Haitians from our community, Lourdy and Sr. Flo. I never thought in my whole life that I’d attend a mass inside a prison. It was incredible. We get to go into a place that many people never get the chance to. We bring with us smiling faces, hopeful hearts, and the light of Christ.


Our little town of Ferguson is trying to be more faithful then ever.  Parishioners have organized new young adult ministries and we are doing what we can to reach out to the middle and high school students by joining them for lunch at school and going to see their plays and games.

God is here and he is not going away.

Many are still wondering how “Ferguson” happened and many more are asking what we are doing to respond to all that is happening.  We keep going, doing what we do.