Throughout scripture we see Jesus doing these amazing miracles. He makes the blind see (John 9), the mute speak (Luke 11:14), the deaf hear (Mark 7: 31-37). He feeds thousands of people with a few pieces of fish and bread (Matthew 14:13-21). He even raised the dead back to life […]

Is Jesus Enough?

A couple weeks ago, I found out something difficult about one of our teenagers. It is a problem that you would not often find in America, but one that I suspect is common here in Haiti. One of the teens that comes to our mission base almost every day, Taina […]

Clinging to Jesus

Being a missionary is hard. Actually, just being a Christian is hard. I feel like I should understand that by now. But even though I have been following the Lord for a little while, I am still surprised when struggles come along. I think, “Why, Lord? When will this end? […]

Blown Away!

It’s the 18th week of our mission in Haiti and still I am in awe of the Lord’s faithfulness. He promised that he would send us on mission to Haiti and he did. He promised us community and we are surrounded by families, priests, and parishes that love us. He […]

I got what I wanted for Christmas.

As Christmas was approaching this year, it didn’t seem like Christmas. First off, it’s hot in Haiti all the time. I’ve never celebrated Christmas away from Boston, where it’s always cold in the winter. But also, we had no decorations, no lights, no Christmas tree, no gifts, no Christmas cards, […]

Unity Creates Strength

Recently we drove to Port Au Prince, the capital of Haiti, to take Fr. Dave Pivonka to the airport for his flight back to the U.S. Like all trips to Port-Au-Prince, there are many stops because it takes all day to get there and back so you might as well […]

We are Family!

I have heard for a long time that I am a part of the Body of Christ, but it took me going to Haiti to get a glimpse of what it really meant. While I was on a mission trip in Haiti, I met some girls named Sophie, Kristal and […]