The Power of an Invitation

Over the last few months, Jesus has been revealing to me more and more the power in an invitation.  In November, we read the Gospel story about Simon and Andrew dropping their nets to follow Jesus.  Jesus just invited them to come with Him and they did.  The Power of […]

Seeing Jesus through Mary

In November, our community of Life Teen Missionaries committed to praying a special set of prayers each day, for a month, in preparation to consecrate ourselves to Jesus Christ through the Blessed Virgin Mary. I know this might sound a little odd; I myself had trouble with this at first. […]

The Lord is My Shepherd

A few Sundays ago, I was sick, in bed, and unable to attend Mass. Thankfully, a priest came over after Mass to bring me Communion. Not only did this priest go out of his way to bring me the Eucharist, but he also took the time to hear my confession and […]

Life’s Tough, Get A Helmet!

Back in November, I had the opportunity to go on the Life Teen retreat for our area with Melanie, Amanda, and Alyssa. A religious community called the Community of the Beatitudes ran the retreat. I have been working in youth ministry for the past five years as a core member, […]

Being a Christian is NOT safe!

I’m afraid of very few things in this world; but, the one thing that I seem to fear above all else is becoming the person who God is calling me to be. I fear this so much because I have no idea what God will call me to do next. […]

What’s your Rembrandt?

For first year missionaries, our main focus is the formation of our hearts so that we can grow into a deeper relationship with Christ. We are intentional about setting aside specific time during the week for spiritual reading and discussions. The second book we read during formation was Fr. Henri […]

Fröhliches Weihnachten…Merry Christmas!

We baked Chocolate Chip Christmas cookies (an unfamiliar rarity in Germany) with some of the youth who live close to our home. It was a cold Friday night when we decided to go Christmas Caroling (another unfamiliar rarity) to bring joy and homemade cookies to the villagers.Walking through the streets, […]

Family Ties

The most recent subject of our formation has been the autobiography of St. Therese, Story of a Soul. At first, I was afraid this would be over my head, since I am a little girl from Georgia and St. Therese was an over-scrupulous Carmelite nun who knew her vocation since […]

Attitude of Gratitude

While reading the Gospel during Morning Prayer on December 2nd, I scrambled to find my Bible. I began to read Matthew 15:32 – 39, The Multiplication of the fishes and loaves. I got about half way through the passage when I figured out that I wasn’t reading the right gospel […]


Feeling the warm love of the people who have been interceding for me and our mission community for many months was what my heart needed to thaw from the snow that was falling on the cold streets of Holland. As I entered the chapel in the Church of St. Tomas […]