Are You At Risk?

Have you ever said a prayer, like in Mass or before a meal, and then realized you have  no idea what you just said? Have you ever said an “Our Father,” then at some point, not know where you actually are in the prayer? Have you ever said a Rosary […]

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Before I began this Mission year in September, a common question I was asked was, “Stephen, what are you most excited about for this year?”  I answered in the same way to every single person, “To grow in Christian brotherhood.” I thought that it would be easy to do since […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 3

The rest of our weekend in Haarlem was blessed and taught me so much. We even had the chance to visit the chapel of Our Lady of All Nations on December 12, which was Our Lady of Guadalupe’s memorial. I felt so honored that we were able to visit on […]

Lord, I’m Not Worthy to Receive You

Over the past few years, I’ve dealt with a lot of interior struggle when it comes to receiving the Eucharist. There’s been many a Mass where I’ve spent a good majority of the liturgy fighting an inner battle over whether or not I should receive when it came time for […]

It Was Out of Self-Defense!

Last week, I was at a morning gathering held by one of the parishes we serve. It was quaint little coffee talk after Mass and Adoration. However, for me it turned out to be one of the most troubling experiences in my faith walk. A man sat down next to […]

A Gift?

One thing I’ve learned to appreciate over these past couple months is the gift of detachment. A gift? Yes, I did mean to use that term because God gives us the opportunity to choose the graces of detachment. So what does that mean? This means to rid yourself of anything […]

Stop, Drop and Pray

A few weeks ago, a couple of us were sitting around the kitchen table doing language homework. Our teacher was supposed to be arriving soon and we were getting some last minute practice in. She was running late and as we sat there, we began to wonder what was up. […]

Be still? Ben jij gek?

I have never really been a person who handles stillness very well. I was probably one of the busiest people at my college. I am a Musical Theater major and I had a heavy schedule filled with core classes, clubs, and rehearsals. I was always busy and had little time […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 2

We planned to meet one of the parishioners, who is very active in the parish in Haarlem, at the train station.  Once we got off of the train, Ashley and I suddenly felt very alone as we found ourselves in one of the largest train stations in Holland; it was also […]

Trains to Jesus: Part 1

Three weekends out of the month, some of us travel to different places in Holland. Recently, we were scheduled to do outreach in Haarlem. Haarlem is quite far from our village; thus, our optimal choice for travel is by train. Since we would have to travel across the whole country of Holland, […]