“You Have Me”

A little over a week ago, as I sat down for Mass in the wooden pews of the Carmelite Convent in Sittard, I really wanted to take some time to prepare my heart to be completely open to whatever the Lord had for me. Lately, I’ve encountered a lot of challenges in living […]

An Empty Church

This Holy Week was the first one I had ever fully participated in. I had pretty much no idea what to expect. When I walked into Mass on Holy Thursday, I was walking in blindly. The Mass was so beautiful! At the end, however, I was very confused as to why […]

Jesus Felt Abandoned

Standing and singing the words, “Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ, King of Endless Glory” at the Palm Sunday Mass, opened my heart to listen deeply to the Lord’s voice.  It was the twenty-third time I had heard this long interactive Gospel recited during the Mass. I asked the Holy […]

Being Thankful

Lent is hard. Being thankful during Lent is even harder. I entered the desert a few days early this year. It started as I was preparing to begin my journey to Covecrest’s staff retreat; the doctor’s office called saying that my blood tests had come back abnormal. After our staff retreat ended, I did […]

Mission: Change

Being a missionary. What does it mean? Many times I have had people tell me, “I could never do the things you do” or “I’m not a missionary.” BUT YOU CAN BE AND YOU ARE! We are all called to be missionary in our everyday lives. So how do we […]

Sacrifice of Love

An inspiring woman in my faith journey has been my Mom. This week was her 50th birthday and she celebrated BIG. Although she threw a party it was not your typical birthday party; oh no, it was a dancing fundraiser. Okay, let me explain.  It all started five years ago […]

Come In

At the beginning of March, all of the LT Board, Staff and Missionaries came together for our annual Staff Retreat. Each year, as we gather, I feel like I’m at a family reunion—I’ve never actually been to a family reunion, so maybe it’s nothing like one, but, either way, it’s […]

I am 40 years old

I can’t believe I am announicng this to all of you.  I have dreaded this day (march 24th) since I turned 39.  For an entire year, I stopped telling people how old I was.  I was very good at dodging the question any time someone asked me.  Admitting I was 39 sounded so old, even […]

Lent: The Invitation to Draw Closer to Jesus

A few weeks ago, a close friend and I were discussing Lent and the sacrifices we were going to be offering. Afterall, Lent is all about prayer, sacrifice, and almsgiving, right? While this is true to an extent, my friend helped me to realize that I was missing the point […]

Tell Me How You Really Feel

A few Thursdays ago, we did something totally and blessedly spontaneous. We had just gotten home from Mass and were sitting down to breakfast, when the phone rang. It was Fr. Roland—he was sick and wouldn’t be able to come to Holy Hour that day. He wasn’t the only sick […]