What Is Love?

What is love? No not the song, but today in our society we feel that love is a box of chocolates, a dozen roses, or sneaking out to your sweet hearts house in the middle of the night. I got news for ya’ll, this is not love. Love is the cross; it’s Christ! “Whoever is […]

“I’m a Hard Hard Worker Everyday”

Most people who come to Covecrest think us missionaries have it pretty good. They’re right. It’s the best life ever. I can’t imagine myself being or desiring to be anywhere else. “There’s no place I’d rather be,” in the words of Will Regan – one of our favorite worship songs. A great life and an […]

40 Days on the Floor

Lent is just a few days away, or maybe by the time you read this blog it’s already begun. Nonetheless, maybe the temptation of the thing your fasting from is really eating at you. Suddenly you see chocolate popping up every where you go! This year for Lent I decided to give up my bed. […]

The Opposite of Fear Is…Love?

I love Life Teen’s new theme of Fearless. I feel like it was made perfectly for me for where my prayer has been for the last few months. The Lord has been calling me out of fear, but even more than that, He has been calling me to a greater love and trust. One day […]

Pray when you Pray.

As a missionary, prayer is a part of my everyday life. I wake up every morning and do a holy hour in front of the Eucharist, and then I pray Liturgy of the Hours with the community here. I even go to Mass several times a week. But after going on an eight day silent […]

Word on the Street

Driving down the street in a twelve-passenger van, all of a sudden it skids to a stop and a couple of guys jump out and start talking about Jesus! They walk down the street and into random stores and start asking cashiers and employees about their faith life. The first thing one of the cashiers […]

Am I Jen or Peter?

On my 8-day silent retreat I focused on diving deep into the gospels using all my senses and interacting with Jesus. Since I obviously had a lot of time set aside to pray I was able to slowly dive into many of the stories and bring them to life. I couldn’t help but connect with […]


Do you ever find yourself saying things like this? Ok, maybe you don’t. Maybe it’s more like: –       I love my new iPhone 5 or iPad or –       I love Call of Duty or –       I love the new Taylor Swift album or –       I love Chick-fil-A or –       I love Starbucks or –       I […]

Singing Jesus Lullabies

We had our 8 day silent retreat the beginning of January and God spoke so clearly and directly to my heart. It was an incredible opportunity to give God everything for 8 days of silence and solitude. Who are you going to talk to but God? We used the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, following the life […]

You Have A VOICE

God has given us many gifts, blessings, and other things we should be very thankful for. One of these I’ve learned is our voice. I learned how important this truly is over our 8 day silent retreat.  It is such a simple thing yet so important. It’s one of those things we use all the time but […]