The Beauty of the Church

I love our Church! I really and sincerely do. I love everything about our Church. I love the sights of the buildings and the Liturgy, the sounds of the old Gregorian Chant music, the smells of the incense, the physicality (touch) of the priesthood, the taste of the Body and […]

Jesus is a Rock Star!

Can you imagine if Jesus was a rock star how many people would be lining up to see Him? I’m sure every show would be sold out with thousands of people paying just to see a little man on a stage hundreds of feet away. I was praying my rosary […]

We Said “Yes”

We did it! We finally said, “YES!” After two years of discernment we have decided to sell everything we have and follow Jesus by answering His call for our family to become full-time missionaries.

This decision will effect everyone we hold dear, from our extended family, to our beloved community. A decision, we pray, that will encourage others to live out their call to be missionaries in their everyday life.

It’s the Little Things

A little while ago, I wrote a blog about simplifying my life and about how the simple things in life truly matter. I talked about how I’m beginning to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life. But I’m starting to think of other little things, and just how much […]

The Church is Alive

This is an exciting time to be Catholic. Many may think this is a dark time for the Church but the Church is in the light. I think Pope Benedict made such a humble decision knowing that due to his health he cannot be at his best to guide the […]

Drop Everything Now

What does it mean to say YES? This has been the question that has been encompassing my every thought. I’ve been writing the word YES on my hand everyday for the past few weeks. When I don’t want to wake up in the morning, or love someone in my community […]

“In Silence”

To start off the new year, we had the incredible opportunity to do an eight day silent retreat. Going in, I had no idea what to expect. Eight days of silence and solitude sounded kind of miserable. But, as soon as I shut the door to the world by committing […]

You are Missionary !!!

I am a Missionary. I’ve committed to two years being a missionary with Life Teen Missions. For me that meant leaving my home country of Germany again and moving to the middle of nowhere, to a place called Covecrest. I am blessed to live in a Catholic community and to […]