Ache Like Christ

Jesus loves us. I hope that’s not new information to you. He loves us immensely. The cross, we know as Christians, is the greatest act of love in history. I think a lot of people get lost thinking they have to love Christ back in some huge way. All He really […]

The War

I had a dream a few nights ago that was so vivid and terrifying it ingrained itself in my heart and it breaks because of it. In this dream I was looking at this screen of a computer and I could see people from all over watching the same thing. On screen […]

I’m Sinking

Do you ever feel like you’re sinking and can’t rise to the surface? I know I do, and I was praying about Gods help in these times. I really got to think about it, and I think I get it now. We’re sunk into our troubles, doubts, fears, and sins. […]

The Blessed Life

There’s the good life, the rich life, a bad life, heck even that show “The Buried Life”; but I’ve found one even better. It’s the blessed life. A life so beautifully sweet, I kneel at the ground of Christ’s saving feet. A life so simple, it has let me realize […]

Finding Peace in the Dark

Imagine one day, you’re doing great. Nothing could be better. Maybe you’re chillin with friends, catching some waves, or teaching teens how to climb things. It’s going great until you are told something that fills you with doubt, fear, and sorrow. Finding your fears to be true, feeling like your […]

Spirit Break Out

Last week we were all out together playing a game of soccer. Before I go much further, know that I’m not very good at soccer, but I love defense. No matter the sport, put me on defense, and I’m good to go. So automatically, I stayed back and waited for […]

No Place Like Home

I miss home. I miss sleeping in my room on Long Island. I haven’t been there since January and I won’t return until half way through August. I miss hearing my sister’s crazy music blasting from her room. I miss the air compressor going on and off in my dad’s […]

The Beauty of the Church

I love our Church! I really and sincerely do. I love everything about our Church. I love the sights of the buildings and the Liturgy, the sounds of the old Gregorian Chant music, the smells of the incense, the physicality (touch) of the priesthood, the taste of the Body and […]

Jesus is a Rock Star!

Can you imagine if Jesus was a rock star how many people would be lining up to see Him? I’m sure every show would be sold out with thousands of people paying just to see a little man on a stage hundreds of feet away. I was praying my rosary […]

We Said “Yes”

We did it! We finally said, “YES!” After two years of discernment we have decided to sell everything we have and follow Jesus by answering His call for our family to become full-time missionaries.

This decision will effect everyone we hold dear, from our extended family, to our beloved community. A decision, we pray, that will encourage others to live out their call to be missionaries in their everyday life.