Looking for love

Love… What is it about love that effectuates us so easily? Even in a world filled with war and hate, ‘Love’ is everywhere. Think of the most recent movie you have seen, can you honestly tell me there wasn’t a love plot involved at all? Most recent movie I have seen: Warm Bodies. Great hilarious […]

Mission Glasgow

IDENTITY CONFIRM…. Just receive an Intel about a missionary that will be off the grid of Atlanta for 168 hours. About over a year ago on October 2011, we believe a parish in the country of United State of America has adopted one of our Life Teen missionaries. Evidence have confirm that the youth minister […]

Dolphin Tales

Dolphins have been my favorite animals since I was a little kid. I collected all possible dolphin things and my biggest dream was to become a dolphin trainer. I loved going to dolphin shows and sleeping with my stuffed dolphins. I never became this dolphin trainer but I still like dolphins a lot. I have […]

The Game Changer: How Becoming a Summer Missionary Changed My Life

Looking back at the timeline of our life, there are certain events that stand out as life-changing. These events changed something about us; we became more aware of who we were; we gained new confidence in our gifts and talents; we fostered a new relationship that completely transformed our perspective on life. When I accepted […]

I Quit Boys

My dating fast wasn’t so much about the sacrifice of not going on actual dates, but more about the posture of my heart. When a guy paid me the slightest bit of attention, my heart was ready for wedding bells. I had a crush on a different boy all the time. I was so distracted by guys who weren’t worth my time, and frankly, didn’t even know my name, that I didn’t have enough space in my heart for the One who was already captivated by me — Jesus Christ.

Trust Me.

Lately God has been doing a lot in my heart regarding trust. He has shown me how trustworthy He is and how to trust the people He has put into my life. However, He didn’t tell me right away just how much trust He was looking for. Starting on my eight day silent retreat He […]

I am still here!

That’s what Jesus said to me in the half empty church on Christmas Morning. “I am still here!” It was great to be back at home in The Netherlands for Christmas break. But it was hard to see the church being so empty during the only Mass on Christmas morning. Heartbreaking to realize that the […]

Don’t touch me!

Last year I stumbled across a YouTube video that perfectly summarized my relationship with God at that time. Before I go on, I’ll let you watch it. Everything about this video was a perfect symbolism of my relationship with Christ! I was that little girl who didn’t want to be touched and Jesus was Max. […]

Your Call of Duty: To Be Fearless

Now, this is a challenge! This is a battle that will determine if you are a man or not. Put your controllers down when you enter the world, your schools, your jobs, your friend’s house, the store.

You are in a battlefield. A battle for each and every life that you see. You can’t see your enemies, but you can see what’s at stake. We do face “impossible odds” where everything will be fighting against us. Hordes of media and countless lies will be thrown at you to derail you. This isn’t a life for just anyone, this is the life of a real hero.

Quit being irrational!

Earlier this month I was blessed to have the opportunity to join the first year missionaries for what would be my second 8-day silent retreat. This retreat was based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius and each of us had a spiritual director who met with us everyday to guide us in our prayer […]