Tis a Gift to be Simple…

This has been a very American kind of week. What do I mean by that? Hmm…yeah. In one of my previous incarnations, the one as a suburban soccer mom, rushing was a way of life, and the family calendar in multiple formats was indispensable. Trying to keep up with school […]

Remain in Me

John 15: 1-8 Remain in me. This comes from Jesus talking to His disciples. In the Gospel of John, especially, it is extremely straight forward. My wonderful son pulled this one out as the “Word of the Day” – to live by for the day. It got me thinking. For […]

Does Ketchup Make an Elephant Taste Better?

By: Chuck Taylor Okay, we’ve heard this before, right? “How do you eat an elephant?” “One bite at a time” is the age-old answer. It is this rather worn out illustration, though, that has been my view of Life Teen Mission –Germany. This coming Wednesday will mark only our first […]

God’s Schedule, Not Ours

There are two things that have been running through my mind lately during holy hour. Usually when things keep re-popping up in my little mind, it’s a sign that God is trying (and re-trying) to tell me something. One of the things is, “Girl, would you please work on your German?!” […]

The Giant Present From God

By: Chuck Taylor During Jesus’s life here on earth, the center of the Jewish faith was the temple in Jerusalem. The temple was on a hill in the center of the city. In the middle of the temple was an even more special place, the Holy of Holies: the place […]

A Rewarding Balancing Act

Being at Covecrest has really brought us closer as a family, and also makes us examine constantly what it means to be a family in the Catholic Church. All of us, from Chuck down to Chelsea, are having to figure out how our calling as missionaries meshes with our roles […]

Family and Prayer

By: Chuck Taylor We, the Taylor Family, recently moved to Covecrest to become full-time missionaries.  Our daily lives at Covecrest are filled with work, classroom instruction, daily community prayers (morning and evening), our individual prayers, and almost daily mass.   So I guess the first question that would arise is: what […]