Youth ministers retreat

Last week was the youth ministers retreat here at Covecrest. Even before people got here, I was so excited because my youth minister from high school was coming up! I expected it to just be a great week where I would get to spend time with someone who really changed […]

Silent Retreat

Eight days of silence – crazy! I’m still not sure exactly how to process everything that happened, even though we’ve been “unsilent” for almost a week now. We spent four or five hours a day doing the spiritual exercises of St. Ignatius – which are crazy. Basically you’re supposed to […]

Mexico – The Beauty of Poverty

I feel like it would be natural and even expected, that as Americans we would be greatly saddened by the material poverty of a place like General Cepeda, Mexico. But to be honest, I have found that I have become jealous of their poverty. I loved that the people in […]

Culture shock!

Last tuesday, I flew out of the Atlanta airport to go home for Thanksgiving. When I got to the gate I was leaving from, I decided to do morning prayer because it was morning and I hadn’t prayed yet. I was really surprised at first because I just found it […]

Eagerness – I will!

Last week, some of us went to go visit a retirement home as part of our local outreach. We sat in the lobby with two of their residents for probably about an hour, and then prayed with them before we left. There was a moment before we left, where one […]

Blog #2!

Before I came here, I decided to offer up this year for a special intention. I remember telling God that I wanted  every act of love to be a prayer for someone else. But for some reason, I thought these “acts of love” would be glorious somehow. The other day, I […]


Hello! So this is my first blog as a Life Teen Missionary! Crazy! Being here at Covecrest is completely different than what I expected. I expected that we would jump into “doing” a whole bunch of stuff, that it would be stressful and maybe even overwhelming. And I admit that […]