Tired but Thankful

It seems that there is always a backpack at the foot of my bed holding a change of clothes, deodorant, and some hairspray. I usually come home after being away for a couple days, put it down, crawl into my bed, and promise to unpack it later. We have been […]

Receiving His Love

As a human being, I am used to striving for things, accomplishing things, and getting things done. It’s part of our lives in the world. I loved being in college and working hard. I miss writing papers. I like “To Do” lists, and feeling as if I have accomplished something […]

When God is Silent

I just went home for Easter. I had one of the best breaks that I’ve had in a long time, but I felt very busy. On Saturday morning, I had a few moments to pray before the rest of my family woke up. I thought a lot in that prayer […]

Lent & Discipline – So Hard!

In deciding what to give up for Lent this year, I was really tempted and excited at the possibility to do something really extreme. I wanted to eat only rice and beans, or take on some kind of extreme diet, or just do something really difficult for the Lord. What […]

Surrender – Ugh!

For probably a good portion of the past six months, I have been been praying a lot about surrender. While I would expect that it would be really difficult for me to surrender my future, the most difficult prayer for me has actually been, “Lord, I surrender to where you […]

My Life is Messy

This week, one of my best friends from college asked me in an email how she could pray for me. So I sat and typed on my computer for an hour and a half, telling her how messy my life is. About five minutes after I started typing, I thought, […]

God is not Hiding from Me!

Lately, I have been realizing that I need a big increase in faith and trust in the Lord. I’ve found myself questioning a lot, “What are we doing here, Lord? Are we really making a difference? Is this really what we’re supposed to be doing? Are we following You? Did […]

Giving Up

Several times over the past year and a half, I’ve heard many people say, “You don’t have to give up your whole life to be a missionary.” It is usually said in reference to the idea that we have to be missionaries in our daily lives, that you can be […]

Life is difficult.

At about five o’clock yesterday evening, the four Atlanta missionaries were driving back from a youth minister’s conference in New Orleans. There had been snow flurries floating around our car since somewhere in Alabama. We were about thirty minutes away from home, driving north on I-85 in a twelve-passenger van, […]

Held by the Father

What a strange day. This morning after Mass, I told God that all I wanted today was that He would hold me. I wanted to be a little child and crawl up in His lap and lean my head against His chest and listen to His heartbeat, and just be […]