Just want to let everyone know that I’ll be in Boston for the next week. I am so pumped up about it because this will be a great way to show the love that God has given to us to outsiders! We are almost giddy! Also, when I get back […]


HAHA, just realized that i should make up titles AFTER writing rather than before. I labeled the last post Sent out but never explained it! All three teams are leaving this week Thurs-Fri….EXCITING!!!!! PD

Sent Out

Today is Monday and we have a little downtime. In our formation we began a hardcore class on Bible and scripture this morning. Its taught by a ‘drill sergeant’ named Brother John. He is amazing but intense which I love…though, not sure how long I will last, lol. He has […]

Three Weeks In

Hey!!!!!! So here is the first of the blogs. I am new at this so this is really weird for me. I am not used to journaling for a load of people to read…not that anyone will actually come to this site….but in case you are, thanks. I will be […]