Donkey’s of General-Cepeda UNITED!

It has been a little while since my last post.  There have been some huge things going on.  So here is a quick timeline: I went to mexico, it was fun, drove 39 hours to camp, had a family missions at covecrest, very tired, left for home. . . There, […]

God or Me

I’m a little tired. . . okay maybe a lot tired.  Not as in sleepy tired.  I have been on the couch for the past six days due to a wonderful fever and some crazy white gunk taking over my tonsils.  SO. . . I have had enough of sleep […]

Proclamation of Thanksgiving

The the year was 88 years after our independence.  The day was October 3rd, 1863.  This was the day in which Mr. Lincoln proclaimed to our wholoe nation that even admist a war that tore our nation apart there was going to be a day set aside that celebrates everything […]

Losing Control

Lately, I have been reflecting on the idea of people out of control.  When I first think of it, I usually associate it with something bad.  Someone who is addicted and has lost themselves to their addiction, someone caught up in the heat of the moment, anger or another emotion […]

Marathon Schedule

I like analogies.  In fact you might go to say that I LOVE analogies.  I talk in them, I think in them, I dream in them (not sure how that works, maybe like a . . . . never mind) Ask anybody here, If i am sharing during formation, I […]

Hmm…nothing new

It’s 7:49AM here.  I am sitting alone in the office because everyone else is sleeping.  I don’t really know what to say so I will just start writing anything that comes to mind….Nothing…………..ARRRRGGGGG!!!!! Sometimes my mind draws a complete blank. . . like right now.  I have been sitting here […]

Stripclub . . . its not what you think.

Ok, so first off, NO I did not go into a strip club.  And NO I DON’T WANT to go into one as well.  I just thought it would grab people’s attention There is an epidemic that I think might be overlooked in prayer and in evangelizing.  I think we […]

Missionary Heart

A couple of notable things have happened in the past week. 1. We finished up an eighth grade confirmation retreat yesterday.  It was a little bit of a struggle because the teens were really uninterested at first.  I am not sure if they really knew what they were there for. […]

God’s Movements

Okay, this is the start of the blogs for the new site on We are officially back from Boston and have had no time to really rest and recuperate.  I feel like a walking zombie today… BUT, Boston was AMAZING!!!!!  I have been sitting here at Covecrest for the […]