I love till it hurts (Part 2).

Yesterday I was sitting in front of the Eucharist for adoration and I was praying for all of you.  I had a lot of names and a lot of times I don’t get through it all so I have set up a a rotation.  I start at the beginning on […]

Phase 10 and other fun.

Phase 10, the game of all games.  Welll. . . maybe not.  It is actually super long and by the end I really just want to claw my eyes out . . . unless I am winning. . . of course.  We definitely do a lot of work here.  BUT, that […]

P & W

Boy, am I tired or what . . .  I just finished a Men’s retreat for one of the local churches down here in Georgia.  I am just plain old weary.  We have been moving since they got here at 8:00 Friday night.  I am finally sitting down to rest. […]

God Desires our Worship:

What is worship?  It is choosing something continually over other things.  It is offering up your whole body and self to something.  I dunno what it is in your specific case but it has to be something.   You cannot live without giving yourself to something.  You can offer it […]


Sometimes we missionaries struggle to find things to talk about.  Why?  Why do we sit here in front of the computer and sometimes wonder what we can say to everybody?  Everybody has done it at least once.  At least once we have all said to ourselves that we need to […]

Youth Ministers: The Front Line

I am so grateful.  This past week we had over 50 youth ministers here for a retreat. It was a great time.  Sometimes, it can get really hard just ministering to high school teenagers who might or might not reject what you have to say.  It was rejuvenating to visit […]

Are you a nobody?

Are you willing to be a nobody? Two weeks ago, Jesus looked at me and asked me if I loved him.  After 4 days of wrestling with him and finally being pinned to the ground I said yes.  I thought the hard questions were over.  Shouldn’t the love question be […]

I love till it hurts

This is an honest but pure blog.  So please don’t judge.  Ever since I was a kid I would perpetually ask my mom “What if” questions.  I would be in the car with her and I would ask her all sorts of them!! What if the sky was green? What […]


SOOOOOOOOOOOO, I’m going to start a silent retreat on Friday night.  An 8 DAY silent retreat. . . . hmmmmm. . . . don’t know how I feel about this.  I am excited, I am anxious, I am restless, I am confused. . . and a million other possibilities. I […]