Hey look mom, No Shoes!

  I wanted to share with you my lenten experience.  Not to boast but to invite more people into my life and into my journey.  It was quite an interesting 6 weeks. I gave up shoes for Lent. It was something that came into my mind as something much simpler […]

We are good because we are LOVE

The past week has been a rush.  Down to St. Leo’s in Florida for two days, drove up to western Virginia in the mountains and am now on my way to Arlington Diocese to make a visit at my old church Nativity. I spoke to the students at St. Leo’s […]


A lot has happened since January 12th when I wrote my last blog.  I’m sitting down here in Florida at St. Leo’s University. I am grateful to say that since that blog, God is really helping me push past those feelings of desolation.  In fact he is showering me with […]


Sometimes, I feel like a broken record . . . that sounds like I have said it a million times before.  I was just reflecting on what has been going on in my heart these last couple weeks and I realize it’s the same thing as always! When I sat […]

New Horizons and a decisive direction

Since the last blog, God has continued the work on my heart.  He has allowed me to love in big ways.  I feel an increasing love for people that I am expecting to stop growing at any moment, but it just keeps going.  And because of this growing desire to […]

Do you believe?

Take look at the missionary webpage where it has all of the missionaries on the right hand side column.  Go down to where you can see my face… enjoy what a handsome man I am… now, go six missionaries up…. see that woman there?  Enjoy her beautiful face as well. […]

Beginning of a New Year

In America, we have two New Years.  One would be the obvious one on January 1st.  The second is when about half the population is getting ready for their first day of school…. or in my case my missionary year! I love new beginnings,  I dunno if I have ever […]

Early morning blog

It’s early morning, and nobody is up yet.  I have beaten the crowd to the office.  There is no noise.  AWESOME!!!! I just shouted this. This might be my favorite time of the day.  When everyone else is still asleep.  I feel that I am the only one awake right […]


I was reminded the other day of the urgency of spreading Christ’s word.  It was a quiet weekend, only one group of about 70 people.  The guys were the only ones here this weekend so we took every meal and all helped to clean up.  It was a really good […]

Joyful Mysteries

The Joyful Mysteries are all from Luke’s Gospel.  They are all about the events leading up to and shortly after Jesus’ birth and Mary plays a central role in all of these passages.  She is who I want to talk about for this blog. She is amazing…I never thought I […]